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Got my warranty upgrade! Whey hey!

  VW Potato

Got the letter from reno 2day stating that my own car now has one year manuf warranty, and two year dealer warranty. RESULT!!!

About a month ago, I sent in all my docs as requested PLUS, i sent a copy of the letter from reno that stated all EU imports reg after Oct 2000 (i think) qualified for the warranty upgrade (the reason i sent them back their own letter was because a) they couldnt then deny that all EU imports were covered b) saves them looking for it on their own system, had I just referred them to it.

Ian P - thanks for your help mate by sending me the original letter. It is appreciated.

Right, now Im off to get my rust fixed!

  Subaru Forrester

No prob mate, anytime... I got it off Richard Miller originally (sorry, dont know your username).
  VW Potato

Ian P emailed me a letter from reno...its the one that was posted on here recently that states that imports DO qualify for the warranty upgrade. I sent reno the letter they sent ian/ian sent to me, then referred to the letter they sent Ian in the covering letter that I wrote asking for my warranty to be upgraded.

Hope this helps!!


I take it you got the letter with the Name/Address blocked out and thats the one you sent, nothing different..?
  VW Potato

yes mate, thats the one, with the name and address blocked out, plus my covering letter and all the docs they wanted. let me know if you need any other info.


Excellent, Ill do mine at the weekend, Id forgotten all about it but if its a sure thing then Ill get my act togthter.




Ill be sending mine off when my dam V5 finally arrives.

I do have a few questions though.

They ask for the original V5, Im a little reluctant to send that to them. They also want the original purchase receipt.

Scudetto, did you send the originals or were copies adequate? Ive got a piccy of the letter griff received, but if you could send me a copy of it that is of a printable quality that would be great. Ill PM you my email addy if thats okay?

One last thing, Im crap at writting letters :oops: Any chance of a squint at yours mate?


  VW Potato

Lee, maybe foolishly, I sent them the originals as i thought if i didnt it would be another reason to delay the process of my request or to decline it.

PM me your address and Ill send you the reno letter.

my letter to them went summit like:

dear xxxx

re: warranty upgrade on imported Renault Clio 172, reg RA*****

Please find enclosed the required documentation in order to upgrade the current warranty on my imported Renault Clio Sport 172 to a three year warranty (as detailed in the attached letter from Renault received by a Clio-owning friend of mine). My car was purchased from Trade Sales in Slough and was registered on 28 May 2002.

If there are any problems with this request, please dont hesitate to contact me either by tel: xxxxxxx or by email: xxxxxxx

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best wishes

Banana Man


something like that, anyway!


I have finnaly had conformation that my car was registered in March 02 as on the V5 and not as Dec 01 as Renault UK tried to tell me AT LAST thanks Motorland for sorting that!!!!

So off go my documents and a copy of the same letter that Scudetto sent....just have to wait now......

Scudetto, did u have to send off your service book as the letter states? It states that you have to prove that your vehicle has been maintained by Reno via your service stamps. I havent had mine serviced yet......Did you also send the original book???
  Megane R26

Hi All,

The original letter was mine, what I find strange is that you are all having to send documents in, all I did was ring Renault and quote them the chassis number, and they sent me back that letter. My car is a Belgian import, and yes it has the correct amount of BHP before any one says anything.