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Hello to all the Williams people out there


Thought id pop on and say Hi to the other Clio / Williams enthusiasts.

Got my Williams 2 yesterday. boy can it shift! nova? saxo? escorts? fiesta? what the hell are they?

oh and im from Jersey Channel Islands.

Hi and welcome,

You will learn to love it even more when you get used to it. Look after it though cause if you dont it will take a big bite out of your wallet.


cool hi!

Eddd.... 40mph.. LOL.. but what the cops dont dont see never hurt them?

had a bit of trouble insuring the williams.. im only 20.. they said i had to be 25. oh well
  Williams 2, STi N12

Hi ya fella. Hope you are liking your new motor.

40mph tops!! So you only need 3 gears then. (1st, 2nd and reverse!)

James, I probably know the williams if you bought it out there. I am not long back from Jersey (3 years at Itex). Where on the island are you?


Hi OutKa5t

i bought it off someoen called Mr. Allain? or sommat... he lives in grouville somewhere..

f***ing loving this motor!! kicking ass everywhere.. 1st/2nd are so much fun... wastes many cars...

is it safe to accelerate to high revs in 1st gear?

ive been informed by my mate tonight. that the space above the exhaust mainifold on the williams is for a turbo? can i get a turbo fitted to this f***er?