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Help about 172

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Hi Guys and Gals i looking to get a 172 wheres the cheapest place to get 1 from also wot do i get standard and is it cheaper to import 1.


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Smoothed Clio

If no-one else will help you, I will. In the past few months there have been many discussions on this subject and if you do a search, I am sure that you will find a lot of information about where to buy etc.

"Buying A 172 From Motorpoint" is one topic title I just found whilst searching. There wil be many more if you look and you will learn that it is much cheaper to buy an imported 172 which has the same three year warranty as the UK sourced cars. They also come with the same goodies as UK cars too.

Where are you situated?


as three sites which sell cheap 172s. With regards to imports and warranties, if the car comes from within the eu it will have a 3 year warranty. If its sourced from outside the eu, e.g from cyprus it will only have a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Worth checking as trade-sales source their cars from 2 different places, one is outside the eu, one within, so depending on which one you happen to get affects your warranty.
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i am soon to be picking up a new 172 from motorpoint and it is going to be approx £12,300 in total

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Motorpoint in Derby sold me mine for 11,250 on the road. The flame red ones were a grand cheaper than other colours.

It is worth getting a price from some UK dealers to compare like with like. The UK 172 comes with 16" alloy wheels, a single CD and 6 disc multiplay unit, Thatcham Cat 1 alarm/imobiliser, chassis number etching on windows, locking wheel nuts, AA Recovery membership and a 3 year/60K warranty. Different countries have different specifications and only EU-origibnally supplied cars have the 3 year warranty. Watch out for imports, that the warranty starts from the date of registration in the original country.