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Here Goes Again - Build Progress Thread - 3 New Houses From Scratch

No mate. Day rate but its my brother and his firm doing it.

I arrange and pay for machines and grabs and they supply the labour.

They are doing the groundwork, floor and brickwork too so its in their interest to do it well and quickly. Thats where they will make their real money!

My brother doesn't usually jump on the tools anymore but he couldn't resist playing with the 13 ton machine and flattening a bungalow!
And that's where having family and friend in the trade(s) pays off 👌


ClioSport Club Member
Not such a smooth day today unfortunately.

Good news is - site is totally cleared now. The bungalow and its garage have been totally demolished and removed from site.

Bad news is - We were meant to get the footings up today however they are a minimum of 1.5/2 meters deep and aren't going anywhere with the equipment we have. We thought they would be sooo much smaller and if we could dig along side them, get the small bucket underneath the 13 ton machine would be plenty to get them out in pieces, Not the case.

Plan - We have another smaller excavator coming tomorrow with a pecker attached so first thing Monday we can break them out properly.




ClioSport Club Member
Progress was much better yesterday.

By close of play tomorrow we should have all footings out, broken up and taken away ready for the monster trees to come down on Thursday.

Big scrape and clear up Friday then we should be ready for footings. There will be a few weeks between the two though. At least whilst we finish technical details on ground works.




ClioSport Club Member
I don’t think I’ve ever felt so excited about a project I have absolutely no involvement in, other than reading your updates.

I blame lockdown 😂
Haha I'm pretty excited myself to be honest. Good project to keep me busy this summer.

I don't do very well at all being locked down with nothing to do.


ClioSport Club Member
Finally getting somewhere with these footings.

We hired this absolutely monster breaker (pecker) to smash up these strips of footings for us. Not knowing how successful it would be but wow, what an absolute beast. Made super light work of the footings. Honestly its about 7 feet tall. HUGE!

We had 3 grabs worth go today.

Tomorrow the last footing pile will be broken and grabbed by lunch.
Then a little backfill with over site soil removed from the higher part of the site.
Also the MONSTER trees are coming down. Cant wait for that one to happen!

So in theory by close of play tomorrow all footing out and gone, trees down and gone.

Leaving Friday to dig out roots or trees and to level the site best we can ready for the main build.