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House Roofing Question


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Hoping someone familiar with roofing can help me with a small query.

Currently having our roof replaced, all tiles etc. The house is mid 1940's and has (had) a close board type roof, T&G rather than feather edge. Roof is original and was not leaking.

Roofers are nice blokes and came well recommended. Head roofer is not on site and did not look in the loft before quoting and sending lads round to begin. I hadn't particularly cleared the loft because it was all close board, also wasn't really paying attention on day one because I was working and being daddy day care all at once. From what I can gather the son of the company owner usually leads on site but he is isolating so job has been left to the rest of the crew.

Basically they have ripped everything off including all the boards, put up batten and Tyvex. I'm a bit gutted as its made a right mess of the loft, and I would have voted (strongly) to keep the nice close boards seeing as they showed no sign of rot or failure despite being 80 years old. I am also of the opinion that they will have contributed structurally to the roof, more so than the new battens.

I am having a chat with the company owner tomorrow but naturally keen to not fall out in this weather and also because they are all nice blokes. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

Would they have been able to do the job without removing the boards? Tyvex states on their data sheets that its fine for example and I believe this is standard practice in Scotland.

Should/Do I need to get a structural engineer involved to make sure the roof structure hasn't been compromised? Should drawings have been submitted to BC?

Any advice would be really appreciated as i'm not entirely sure what to do but really don't want issues down the line, equally don't want to be a prick.



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Sarking is common place in Scotland due to the weather and may be a requirement under building regs.

Are you semi detached or detached? Height of the tiles would be my concern due to that missing layer. Have they counter battened?

Did they give you much of a breakdown of works when they quoted?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi mate.

We are semi detached. I do not believe they have counter battened. The breakdown of the quote just stated strip all existing roof coverings. So my assumption was the boards were part of the structure not the covering.

It looks as if I was wrong also, the boards were I think feather edge not T&G despite being flat on the inside of the loft. Still unsure if this will have altered the roof structure at all.

Roofers are saying height will match existing so joint between properties will be at the same height.

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You'll need building control if you're replacing more than 25% of the roof area as you'll likely need to upgrade the insulation in order to meet building regs.

Have you notified building control at the local authority or used a firm to oversee building control? They'll be able to tell you if what they've done complies with building regs. No need to submit plans, should be fine applying on notice.


ClioSport Club Member
After talk today:
Company are under a competent persons scheme (NFRC CPS) which permits them to do the sign off and don't submit drawings to BC for signoff etc. They appear to be skipping over the insulation requirements although I'm not overly worried about that as we plan to renovate the loft this summer which would mean installing insulation then.

Spoken to a few people today inc. structural eng (mate of a mate) who have said that if the boarding was feather edge then its quite standard to remove it and replace with battens. Still a shame due to the mess and the fact that the old board which I managed to find a lump of was really good quality but not as terrible had it have been inch thick proper close boarding.


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Would you need building control and regs if simply replacing with like for like and not amending the pitch etc?


ClioSport Club Member
Would you need building control and regs if simply replacing with like for like and not amending the pitch etc?

I think you do, as cordell174 says the rules are 25% or less any you can do what ever but for a full roof you either need a roofer who is part of the competent persons scheme or building control. Both routes should be to regs and technically it looks like you are unable to replace like for like (in many cases). There is a requirement for added insulation in many cases etc.

I would think twice about a new roof in the future, I might be more keen on it in a few weeks time but Im a week in and it creates a lot of mess!