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Immobiliser Help!! Please!!

I tried to start my Mk1 172 today and it seems the immobiliser has decided to stay on. Ive had the AA out and they say its gotta go back to renault to be sorted.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas of how much this is gonna cost to fix? Or if they are gonna be able to fix this one or will they have to replace it etc.

Any help is greatly appriciated!!


Could it just be the key?

Have you tried using the spare?

I had a similar problem a few months back Lou.
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damn lou... i love your car! get it fixed!

if the aa said it needs to go to renault, you better give them a ring and see what they have to say
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It doesnt need to go to Renault if its a mk2 iirc, the mk1s the ass to do!!!

French car specialists and some mechanics wll have the correct diagnostics............If it gos to renault they will rip you off for what 15 mins work!? (its a good 70 notes just to get it through the door of most dealerships)

Look on the Internet-theres info on there about what material recodes what, so then you can phone different places and ask if they have the equipment!!!

Where are you based? Theres a place called FrenchCarnection near me (essex) who i know for a fact have the correct diagnostics!!!

Thanx JayR, but its a Mk1, im in North London, AA were kind enough to say they will tow my car to a place to get it sorted. Ill check out some info from the net.
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What mk1 172 or mk1 as in Valver/Williams?

If its a mk2 of any kind (as in S plate onwards) it should be fine Lou!!!

Mk1 172 - but the story seems to be getting more complicated. I just tried to start the car and to my amazement, it started. The AA man seems to have flooded my engine as it was running really rough and there was a strong smell of petrol. My dad seemed to think it was running off 3 sparks only. After that there was a nasty eggy smell.

Now that nasty smell, im assuming is the battery, correct me if im wrong, but this happened to my mums car a few yrs back, the alternator was over-charging the battery. So, for now, I have called the AA back here, to see what they think (might as well make use of the membership), so Im now wondering, if this problem with the immoboliser is battery related.

Any thoughts are much appriciated!!!

Eggy smell is the cat - too much petrol getting through unburnt may have killed it...

In which case, de-cat time! lol Otherwise get a secondhand one as itll cost a fortune to get new off renault.

I feel to cry right now. The AA man said the same, Cat gone, and why? coz of too much unburnt fuel, so gold star for white16. But here is the b*tch thing, I was frightened of flooding the engine when the car wouldnt start, so i didnt pump much fuel into it, when the AA came on saturday the f*cker had his foot flat on the accelerator, and I told him, dont do that, ull flood the engine, he was an arogent f*ck and didnt wanna listen to a girl tell him how to treat a car.

So, story goes like this, immoboliser aside, AA f*cked up my cat! I gotta call em tomorrow to complain, but whats the chances of them actually sorting out their mistakes?

Well, itll be your word against his but they might be nice and sort you a new one on the basis of a goodwill gesture.

Personally, I wouldnt hold out hope... (but Im a cynical old b*****d lol)

Perfect opportunity for a de-cat IMO :devilish: :p