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  Skoda Fabia vRS

i thought id let you guys in on somethin

ive found a company that gives the best damn insurance quotes ive ever seen, and im talkin BIG savings

i currently pay £1180 TPFT with Adrian Flux, with RSC discount

with just one years no claims, i will be paying just £908 !....almost £300 cheaper !!!

the quick quote IS a figure close to what they will quote you, check em out
  TT 225

Been recomending Liverpool Victoria to people since I can remember!

Their attitude to mods: Do what you like. They insure the base model, and add 10% on for ANY moification.

AND they replace like for like.

Have a few friends with 2 litre Novas and the like and they are paying £260 fully comp (26 yrs old)

Although, they are good for insuring modified lower insurance cars, they wouldny quote me on the Willaims cos o my age and the hgh insurance group as standard

Still only paying £750 for the Williams tho, through Greenlight

I just got quoted 1800 - 2300 living in essex with 1 years ncd!!

at best that is over 200 more than direct line Though they want to charge me an extra 250 for lowering!!!
  TT 225

Bloody ell! When I had the Saxo, i lowered it, put £1ks worth of ICE in it, alloys, full body kit.. and was with direct line. They put my premuim up £25 over the year

Must be a womans charms or somethin

Can you give thenm a call 4 me Kel! Must be the womanly charms! (.)(.)

They told me first it would be 250 quid for lowering and i said no way, but they said it was a high performance modification! lol

Then when i called again about a zorst they said £220 for the zorst as long as the power gains were under 10%!!!

Are they on drugs or what? I need ur postcode, DOB and charm Kel!

Just tried 2 quick quotes through them. One for my Clio 16v mk1, & one for my wifes 1.25 Fiesta.
Were both the same age & both got full no claims but they reckon that hers is gonna be more expensive!!!!!!!!!!1

Explain the logic please???????????

they wouldnt even quick quote me!

00 172
WD POSTCODE (no problems with crime around here...)

  Audi S3

they gave me a grate quick quote!

£700 - £850 fully comp on my 16v.

2 years ncb
93 16v
GL2 postcode

Most companys wont even give that TPFT.
Dunnow how mods would effect that.

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I just got quoted between £950 and £1200 same as Tesco so no difference. Tried quoting for my girlfriend (21) and they quoted her £200 less so she is happy.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i tried lv for a quote on a 172, male, 21, 2 years no claims, their site said £1200-£1500, but i then phoned them up and they said they wouldnt touch me, tesco will do it fully comp for £1460!!

No-one else can come close to that quote, nearest was still £600 more.


£2144 is what i pay, and thats me living in Jersey Channel Islands. not as if someone can steal a car and go anywhere? f***ing stupid!

20 yrs old
Clio Williams 2
Fully Comp
No Mods
3 Yrs no Claims
  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i was recommended them from a friend, and he says every one of his mates is insured with em

and my exs mum uses em too
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I got an online quote a few weeks ago, when I rang them it was quite a bit more than the quote stated. Still not a bad price though!

yeah raiderman, it is stupid!

but i think because you are 23, it makes a difference. when im 23 and have 6 yrs NCB, then it will probably be £600s or something!

I hate the way sensible drivers have to pay more on insurance for their cars, because the people that are looneys and crash cars, make us suffer!

If insurers can see you havent claimed once on your insurance from 3 yrs NCB etc, surely they must think, ok he aint a dangerous driver, give them a cheaper policy!

*cross fingers*
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG


Thanks for the insurance tip, my girlfriend did her insurance last night and it came to £250 cheaper than Diamond. Her insurance is now only £380 on her little 1.1 AX.