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Just got my 172 Cup

Hi all, im new to this forum so go easy on me.

Picked up my spanking new Cup on saturday and i must say that i am very impressed so far. I was intending to break it in gently but i just could not resist giving it some beans. It seems like a massive leap comapred to my old car (Fiesta Zetec S) so it may take me a while to get used to the power. The torque steer can be scary at times but the car seems to have bags of grip, much more than the fiesta which i thought was a good handling car. Ok, so the seats arnt great and the gear box is crap but all in all im well happy with it.

What does everyone else think about their Cups?????????

Great handle.. good quantity of tea contained......

apart from that... there is virtually NO torque steer with a 172, I cant see why a cup should be different.. ?

r u sure u aint confusing power / traction to road surface with torque steer ??.. torque steer is mechanically induced.. general fwd characteristics are not...

If ya put 172 ponies onto the road via a bit of rubber band, then you have to point it in the right direction ! ;)

that aint torque steer..


Well when i put my foot down in 1st 2nd or 3rd the car wants to pull to the side, you can feel the tugging through the wheel
  Silver Fabia vRS

How come all the magazine and TV reviews say it has loads of torque steer? They cant all be wrong? Mine has it although it is less now I have changed the alloys.

LMAO @ Captain... "Great handle... good quantity of tea contained..." - A classic mate! (well, I thought it was funny)

Got mine yesterday and it is FANTASTIC! I cant stress that enough!

Its lovely to drive and although its a bit bland within the cockpit once you put your foot down you soon forget about that! Havent even tested the stereo yet as the sound of the engine is far more interesting!

What are you all doing reading this? Im not as interesting as a CUP?

Go on ya scamps, get outta here!

Buy one...


Getting mines on Saturday! Yip yip hooray! Anyone else get flurs or a pencil? Anyone heard anything more on the R-Sport Upgrades?

I couldnt help having a tussle with a VTS yesterday, well I say a tussle but I dont think he new what had happend as I blasted past him. I even take the long route to the train station in the mornings now just so I can spend a few more mins in the Cup

Finally picked mine up monday.........two months of wait and worth every day of it! Attracts gawping admirers almost as quickly as flys.

Finding it very very difficult not to thrash her.....its as if she is wispering.... "go on ...go know i want it" or maybee Im just imagining it.

With regards to the R-Sport catalogue apparently they have had to wait until the Cup was released before they could get the parts fitted and approved for the warratny people to sanction it all.

We all wait hopefully....

I am tempted to sell my Mk1 172 and get a cup all stripped out with race seats, cage etc. for serious track day fun, wonder what acceleration difference stripping the car out would make?? BenR? Captain?

also BenR, XR2 is nearly, nearly sold.... :( bit sad but Stock Hatch race prep XR2 coming soon, or maybe pug 205 gti???


well, i would love to meetup and go over your stock hatch.....

maybe a better find would be the XR2 challendge as the rules are less stringent and youll get more for your money.

i would stick with much easier to get track ready and more parts to buy off the shelf......

i mean, just look at vulcan engineering!

nobodys answered me - which ones do and dont have bl00dy torque steer - some are saying yes, some are saying no and some dont seem to know - so what is the answer?????

Can somebody explain torque steer in laymans terms then??? Captain what do you mean when you say torque steer is mechanically induced.. general fwd characteristics are not... I thought torque steer was when you plant the throttle and you basically have to fight the steering wheel to keep it in a straight line??

kis......none of the 172 have torque steer, well not enough to notice.......

not even the cliocup racers have torquesteer.


ok Slugger ol m8..

If the torque of the engine / gearbox to fd causes a shift in balance that raises or lowers the suspension c of g relative to the laden position, and, the design of the upper lower wishbones allows a geometric change that alters toe in or toe out, then you get torque steer.. ie - the tilting effect of the transmission and the geometry of the suspension allows a change in steering geometry as load is applied... this will lead to a variable suspension setup that is exaserbated (sp) ?? .. also, one particular drive shaft may be prone (due to length and diff design) to a bias to one side.

Carefull design of the suspension pivot points can reduce this to virtually non.. if it dont, that, is torque steer..

Now, as the car scrabbles for grip at the limit of adhesion, or as power is applied to give a stable acceleration on an unstable surface.. then you will feel the car trying to adopt the best position to lay down the power, or indeed, to reduce adhesion. this you need to correct via the steering wheel and loud pedal...

its a wierd concept, but fine if you can relate to the difference between design induced and generic tendancy m8 !.


Jeeez Kis lol... hee hee

hold a pen in a vice.. now move a piece of paper over the pen nib.. you get a line.. ?? yep..

the only thing influencing the straightness of the line is the movement you apply to the paper.. ie, the pen was fixed.......

now, lets make the pen holder (the suspension design) not so stable, it dont remain fixed... this time the pen line ,on the paper, is induced from both the movement of the paper, and, the movement of the pen ....

if you think of movement of the paper as the natural fwd tendancies.. and the movement of the pen as the unwanted torque steer, then, by jove! , I think u may have it old boy !.. :D

or is that not making sense lol ... ???



yup, back in miserable ol, it was cold and rainy wheni got in...ergh.

kinda miss me beach!!

Ahh I see. I think every man and his dog (except techie peeps like you and BenR anyway) refer to the natural fwd characteristics as torque steer though :confused:

Not really off topic no. This is in general clio discussion and it is. ;)


  Shiny red R32

Well it hasnt been miserable up here in Scotland, for the past few weeks it has been very warm, sunny and dry! Sorry you dont have a beach in Bristol, we have clean sandy beaches where I am Ben!

well....maybe i should be living with you and looking after *inser cars name here*s dirty bits which you cant/dont want to reach..LOL


  Shiny red R32

Ben, is that a promise? ;)

That is just what I need, a toyboy to look after the dirty bitson my car! The thing is Ben, I dont have any dirty bits on my car, because as you know, I am always cleaning it! :cool: sure if i were to get under the car and change that dirty oil of yours, perhaps get some on my chest.......i would be dirty.....hmmmm....where do i go for a clean....LOL!!:devilish:
  Clio v6

"now, lets make the pen holder (the suspension design) not so stable, it dont remain fixed... this time the pen line ,on the paper, is induced from both the movement of the paper, and, the movement of the pen" ....

Urm I just lost my pen? Does this test come with any laxatives please?:oops: