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Just to let you all know....


  Shiny red R32


Why, what has happened to you in the snow?

You are lucky to have snow, we havent had any yet!

Erm no were not lucky, i work opposite rockport, it aint ur tyres mate, its everyones! 2 be quite honest i was scared sh*tless this mornin. You know the roundabout going towards wilmington? I tried going left down past your building but i missed the turning as i slid sideways whilst changing into 3rd! It may look nice walking down the road but its not driving in it. I havent seen a car do over 20mph today. Theres loads of tw*ts going through on red at the lights going towards sidcup as it only stays green for a few seconds. Not looking forward to going home in the dark :(

Be careful!

i didnt see yours out the front by the way, where do you park? Theres a nice new SL out the front though, sweet!

funny enough i am a rocket scientist... ;)

Its ok GR, didnt have a smack or anything, just a couple of close near misses.. some bird in a Honda civic decided to take both lanes up on the A2 sliproad turn off to old Bexley! As a result I climbed the slip road as slow as I could in first gear (just idling) got as close to her bumper as I could before slowly applying my brakes, I come to a stop... then start to roll back down the slip road out onto the main road!! (A2) ! very scary experience, however i managed to stack my car into a kerb instead which in turn allowed me to get traction from the cat eyes in the road to get back up the hill!! A quality idea by myself, one that I actually found works when you don’t have a que of traffic behind you! Lucky the sliproad was clear.. (thank god)

Rob, my car is parked out the back of Fujitsu, the front is for company MDs etc... we are not goodenough to park out the front ;)

i know its nothing to do with the Toyos.. i was just kidding with ya... im not looking forward to going home though... loads more snow has fallen since this morning!! just getting into work delayed me 3hrs!!! (10MPH from Basildon -> Kent) :mad:

On the upside tho, me and my team mates at work built a wicked snow women at lunch time.. with massive tits to match!!! quad triple FFFF cup.. looks bloody quality mate!! ;)

lol i should come and see. My nice boss (my dad lol) is letting us go at 4:45 instead of 5:30 so we can avoid traffic, thank god. Its my mates birthday today so im going to spray his nova with water when i get back so it freezes the doors up :devilish:

rob - you think you had a bad journey... i work 6-10am in bluewater, saw the blizzard and thought id better go home at 9am but couldnt get out of bluewater because of the snow!i got going about 11am, and just got home now (4.30pm)... thats roughly 5hrs of driving, about 3 of which i was sittign in jams. Thats sh*t. !!

holy cow!!!!

this seems pretty bad, ill ahve to see when i get beck, looks like a 5hr trip back to bristol at 30pmph!!! LOL

GR: you couldnt use your fantastic searching skill as find a BBC or similar net broadcast on whats goin on with the weather? ill have a look too...race ya!

is it bad, slippy, ice? dangerous etc etc..........i got loads of luggage and my GF to carry back for heathrow in teh XR2 or all things!!!

It damn cold here. I cycled home from work at Citizens Advice and there was no ice in the town centre - as Id imagine there would be none on the M4. But its damn cold and Id take it easy, for the sake of avoiding stone chips if nothing else!

Eh? I never use my car around town and in the week! Its a weekend only car! In my other life, Im a mountain biking nut.


hes one of those annoying pedallers on the rd.....why cant you guys use the pavement? surely some bumps and suff is extra fun. And its not like people use the pavement.

Round here, we had like, millions spent on a cycle path, but bikers (Push, not motor ;)) STILL use the road. :confused:
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Well I set off for school at 8, usually Im there by 8:25, this morning I didnt get there until 9:45. By the time I got there, half the children had been sent home so I just baby-sat them until lunchtime when most of their parents had come to collect them. Had a pretty cool morning really, watched Muppet Christmas Carol for a bit then took them out in the snow to build snowmen and have snowball fights...fascinating fact - children see snow so rarely nowadays (at least in Essex) they dont know how to make snowmen or snowballs properly!


My old teachers, 2 who were the best, more like mates at the end of A levels, were a right laugh and i thank them for what they have dont really understand how much they do till you leave.

Im sure your students will think back in 15 yrs and remember the day they had a cool teach called mr....something...oh yeah.....Read!