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MarkCup's Porsche Cayman


ClioSport Club Member
nice pedalling, but as above, that lotus was FAST

Insanely fast! He's about 8 seconds a lap quicker than my slow ass Porka.

That Cayman looks at home @ Goodwood. Very smooth.

Don't be fooled by the GoPro stabilisation, it looks way smoother than it feels!

First session's now up, I had about 10 seconds playing with a GT3 RS, a couple of laps with a nice R26R, and finished with a nice rare Aston Martin DBS V12 manual 😁



ClioSport Club Member
  200 cup
Don’t think my dad wanted to lift at the start 😂

Great to meet first thing and have a quick chat, was a busy morning on the track!


ClioSport Club Member
There’s a fella in the Volvo’s class with an Exige 410. He stuffed it one year, massively. Went out, bought a new one, was back racing a few weekends later. Mental.

Lovely cars though, really would love one some day.

(I was within 2 seconds of him on the pilot sport 4s and stock suspension, I’d like to have another crack at him now, lol)


ClioSport Club Member
Since Goodwood I've had a very slight and intermittent metallic grinding coming from the front left brakes so today, after completing some work on the 107, I whipped the wheels off to have a look at the pads.


I'm not sure what I was expecting, it was a little confusing as the visible pad material was 3-4 mm, but when pulling them out this is what I found;

Front right pads


Front left pads


One pad on each side wore at a fairly extreme angle, and on the left wheel, right down down to the metal. The lower wear point on each side was on the leading edge of the pad, and on the right wheel it was the outer pad that suffered this leading-edge wear, whereas on the left wheel it was the inner pad.

What's caused this? No pads previously have worn unevenly, and pushing the pistons back in there was no more or less resistance in any of the four pistons on each caliper so I don't think anything is sticking.

My thoughts are that it's temperature related. The left wheel pads wore far more than the right which is no surprise to me, Goodwood's clockwise, the front left wheel does all the work, always gets noticeably hotter, and I had a problem previously with pad backing plates bending on my Focus RS.

Then there's the fact it's one pad only in each caliper that's had this wear issue, the outer pad on the right wheel and inner pad on the left.

I think that's due to me trying to see how cheap I can go on brakes, having fitted some Brembo bi-directional drilled discs instead of the correct left-hand and right-hand drilled patterns.

My theory is that instead of the airflow that the car is designed to put through the area of the brakes and through the left/right-handed discs, giving equal and consistent airflow to each side, that the Brembo bi-direction discs flow the air well a particular way on one side, and the opposite way on the other...hence the outer pad on the right and the inner pad on the left suffering from the excessive leading edge wear.


I've found a pad I'm happy with, the Blues didn't fade once, gave great feel all day both at Bedford and at Goodwood, and I was comfortably threshold braking right through the last session of each day, but running them on sh*t discs has killed the front pads early from poor cooling (the rears are 100% even and fine).

Left and right handed discs it is then, and I'll be getting some OEM Textar pads to run until I get on track in the spring when I'll drop in some Blues again or maybe even some Orangestuff just to see how they differ.

TLDR: being an accountant can be a pain in the arse, but I've learned something so it's not all bad :ROFLMAO:(y)


ClioSport Club Member
Christ that AMG was a proper rolling chicane by the time he got to a corner! Fast cars for slow drivers and all that.

I've had that uneven pad wear with my Wilwoods where they have different size pistons, supposedly to offset tapered pad wear (leading edge supposedly has more bite), but it was so effective they tapered the other way LOL. During my research I found a thread on a 911 forum which suggested just turning them around occasionally but I think that's a pretty naff way of doing it.

Glad you liked the blues. I've not driven the Volvo for so long that I've forgotten what they're like LOL. Living vicariously through your brakes.