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MarkCup's Porsche Cayman


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I've had a moment of absolute clarity.

Planning my next video I wanted to talk about what makes the Cayman feel so good, so different, to anything I've had before. I was struggling to put my finger on it, sharp, responsive, all the usual motoring adjectives blah blah blah, but after much deep though and some YouTube research, I've nailed it.

L = angular momentum
r = radius
m = mass
v = velocity


With angular momentum and mass both being constants, decrease the radius of the mass, and the velocity or speed of rotation increases. That's what I feel when I drive this thing.


My next video is going to be boring AF 😁


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This escalated quickly. Fruit loop alert...




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Back to Cayman updates, I've got the Autosolo a week tomorrow, so naturally the prep begins this weekend firstly with a very long overdue clean.

Yes, that's the Saharan dust we had blow in from the continent a couple of months ago :ROFLMAO:




But, after a few hours it does scrub up quite nicely 😁






As for the Autosolo, picking apart my previous runs in the 140 and particularly how they compare with the other competitors, even with 120bhp less, I think I have a solid chance of winning the RWD over 2000cc class again.

A different approach is required though, more about carrying speed ALL the time rather than using boosted 400lbsft at 3k rpm to fire out after every cone, this will very much be about carving a smooth line through and between all the cones. It's going to be hard, a huge amount of it is going to be in 1st gear I think, and when I do have to hook 2nd, I'll rarely get into the meat of the power over 5k rpm.

It certainly feels like it's got the ability. If there's no well-piloted Caterham R600 there on the day, a genuine overall fastest might be possible too.

The weather looks promising at the moment as well. EXCITED!!!



ClioSport Club Member
You'll more than likely need to change your driving style slightly and taken lines versus the M140i, FR v MR. You won't have that weight over the front wheels anymore, so faster in and harder trail braking to shift the weight onto the front axel. Your LFB skills should really help here.


ClioSport Club Member
You'll more than likely need to change your driving style slightly and taken lines versus the M140i, FR v MR. You won't have that weight over the front wheels anymore, so faster in and harder trail braking to shift the weight onto the front axel. Your LFB skills should really help here.

I haven't tried much LFB in this thing yet, but when I have, the lack of servo assistance really helps with the natural left-foot lack of sensitivity, it sort of dulls the inputs a bit.

I also haven't double-de-clutched a great deal in it either, which I'll need when dropping from 2nd into 1st at 30mph. I'll find out how this all goes next week!

Meh. Gold Warranty runs until middle of May, I'm trying to get any weak points to fail :ROFLMAO:


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Steve is at goodwood this weekend actually, I’ll tell him to lay down plenty of rubber for you 😂

Yup, carrying speed is key, I doubt you’ll have any problems though.


ClioSport Club Member
I have a busy month...Autosolo no.1 tomorrow, Bedford on 26th, then back to Goodwood for Autosolo no.2 on 15th May.

Usual prep, cleaned way more than I would usually, and camera mounts/power leads everywhere.

I'm really looking forward to properly feeling this thing under duress, from a few exploratory hard roundabout circuits, I believe I've got as good a chance at a class win (RWD over 2000cc) in this as I did in my M140i. It's going to take some rapid learning though I think.

Of course, 13 year old car, it could all be over before I'm half way through run 1 :ROFLMAO:









ClioSport Club Member
Autosolo Update

Short version: the car survived, and I didn't win.

Long version...

I started bright and early and was first in the paddock as is usual 😆



Coffee in hand I took a stroll down to the go-kart track which was going to form part of the course today...very slow, very technical!

Before finishing my housekeeping, attending the briefing,


...and then heading off for the first runs.



ClioSport Club Member

Then we headed off to the second course which felt much faster and had no mid-run stop



At lunch I made a new friend, this only had 600 miles on it, good lad!


Repeat in the afternoon for courses 3 and 4, then back for tea and medals, but with none for me.

What to make of the Cayman?

It's exactly what I hoped it would be, apart from the steering, which with at least another full turn lock to lock compared to my last two cars, meant I had to get really busy behind the wheel!

In the afternoon I stopped driving it like I did my M140i, and instead of dropping into 1st gear at anything below 30mph, I tried to leave it in 2nd. This meant zero torques on hand, but encouraged me to get it flowing between and through the cones, instead of just sprinting from one to another.

And boy does it flow. After the first course I had everything disabled safety wise, and when turning it on the higher speed stuff, there was just a hint of oversteer, nothing that needed correcting, but enough to help. I only had understeer of note just the once, and that was wholly my fault. Otherwise the front end is good, really good.

Without an LSD, traction off the line and from the mid-run stops was not the best, but even with no LSD and a lack of torque, the back seems quite well provokable and controllable. I stalled pulling away from a stop in the afternoon which meant the run was scrap, so when I got to the kart track section I followed the course, but took the opportunity to get it as sideways as I could. I now trust it a whole lot more...even with it's bulk held close and central it's no more snappy than the 140 was :cool:

Despite 18 launches and being driven flat out on the limiter for the 12 runs, my fears of it being fragile were thankfully unfounded, It absorbed everything I threw at it, picked up no knocks, whines, or rattles, and the tyres and brakes will still be good for Bedford two weeks today.

After yesterday I'm REALLY looking forward to getting on track properly now 😁



ClioSport Club Member
Great work! Did you beat the Yaris? They seem like a brilliant tool for this sort of stuff.

I've no idea until the times all get sent through. Around the 'roundabout' we was getting it going with the handbrake then exiting with power oversteer, looked rapid!

Winner of my class and overall fastest on the day was a Cayman GT4 so I don't feel too hard done by 😁

I just hope he's not there when I return for the second Autosolo on 16th May!


ClioSport Club Member
Check out the Mondeo 😂

He's upgraded from his boggo spec standard Panda he ran at both events last year! This is the thing, such a mix of machinery and it just doesn't matter...everyone's there for banter and laughs, with a hint of competition thrown in to spice it up a bit.

The chap in the Alfa parked next to me in the paddock was in a convertible mk4 Golf last time that was mostly held together by rust. Every time he ran he drew a crowd because of the comedy lean/roll and resulting arch gap you could measure in feet.


ClioSport Club Member
Here's the first course and how I monumentally ballsed it up by driving Miss Daisy!

On the 16th May when we go back there I won't be so tentative from the off :mad:

Track looks small even for a go-kart track, not really suited to cars by the look of it? Cant believe how nervous you were before your first run 😂


ClioSport Club Member
I calmed down a bit after that one!

It was just a huge relief to be out doing things that feel slightly normal after a solid six months of sh*t. I had more face to face conversations with non-family members/neighbours in that one day than the last six months combined.

I was very nervous about pushing the car though with that engine mass behind. I grew a pair and turned PSM off from the next course onwards though and I'm so glad I did.


ClioSport Club Member
I see you were in the background of petrolpeds video, I thought he was going to mention you but even skipped past your car and didn’t mention it lol
But did you beat him ?


ClioSport Club Member
I see you were in the background of petrolpeds video, I thought he was going to mention you but even skipped past your car and didn’t mention it lol
But did you beat him ?

No, although the last 60 seconds of this is worth a watch if you've seen his video to the end...mine was edited and uploaded before his video went live btw 😆



ClioSport Club Member
I wanted to wait until I'd watched all the videos first before replying...

1. The handbrake doesn't work very well if you don't have the clutch in ;) You're fighting the engine. But stock handbrakes are often not all that anyway, and a dab of brake helps them lock up. You pulled the handbrake a fraction after letting go of the brakes, doing it the other way around may have worked. But then you get into the issue of the engine being out of the powerband and bogging down, so you need to blip it..... You end up pressing all 3 pedals, lol.

2. It wouldn't be an autosolo without a plane landing over your head.

3. Tidy and clinical as ever. Great work. There's a couple of tight bits you could go a tad quicker on simply by rotating the car with a well timed and controlled clutch kick but otherwise great effort!

4. Please don't ask the marshals how 'that was' because it's quite hard to say 'well ya weren't the fastest' without being rude all day :p