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mk 172 steering wheel question

  Audi S3 225

Hi, just noticed in all the pics of the mk1 172 interiors that the steering wheel is leather. Well mine isn’t, it has leather on the back of the wheel, and at the front is like plastic or something like on my old 1.2. WTF is it because mine is one of the first models its an x reg 2000. Or maybe it has been in an accident and owner thought it was cheaper to get a half leather one.

I hope not, also how much for another from reno without airbag as can use original.



ps will try get a pic 2moro if no1 has a clue.
  Audi S3 225

Thats mine above sorry for quality of pics but in the close up you can see that the meterial is like that if not the same as the middle part where the airbag is, its like that all the way around, except the back. Maybe my steering wheels on back to front???? Actually na thats impossible?:confused:

Anyway heres a pic i borrowed from p22ul cs mk 172 his is all leather, wots going on!!
  Audi S3 225

that ones all smooth and leather, thats wot the back of mine is like, it has sticthing on the inside like the one above as well. hmmm im confused. Wot reg is yours bad?
  Golf R/Leon FR

not sure bout 2nd hand but i saw someone on here say that they £250!!! from renault new. bit expensive imo.