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MKII 172’s it could be at risk READ

I would like to remain nameless about this as my car is being fixed at the moment. This problem could affect any MKII 172 and could potentially leave you without you car for weeks, I have been without mine for 5 weeks now.

The background:

I drove a friend home one night and stopped outside their house, I was stationary in my car for around 5 mins when the engine stalled and would not start again. I called the AA and they came out and were also unable to start my car. My car was towed to the garage the following morning and awaited inspection. Two days later I was told that my car needs a brand-new engine due to they’re being a mechanical fault with mine. The fan belt had apparently snapped and become entangled with the cam belt, therefore causing it to stall (and I would have thought severe damage). According to the Service Manager at the garage its not the first report of this. So if you have a MKII 172 you should enquire with your dealer whether this could happen to your car. I have now been without my car for 5 weeks and my local dealer have had two engines turn up which are no the same as my previous engine. This is more worrying than the fact that my car had a mechanical fault. Doesn’t Renault know what engine is in my car? This whole matter has become very annoying and frustrating.

Hope this may be some help to you.

?fanbelt?new engine?mechanical fault?

no wonder you wanted to remail annonymous....that or your supremely gullable!

Must agree Ben..

not a cause for concern.

for the ancilliary belt managing to tangle with the cam belt you would need to remove the front engine covers..

they are talking bullsh*t.


I’m not gullible by any means, I think they are talking a complete load of sh*te myself but not being a mechanic I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Ill would agree that it has a 750cc engine in it if it gets it fixed! W*****s!

Oh! Dear my identity is out of the bag, never mind. I thought someone would end up working it out when I posted a reply in another thread. Jas recommended that i give the other members with 172s a chance to make up their mind themselves. At the end of the day as I said I couldnt care less what happened to the engine, only the pissing around Renault are talking to get it replaced. I have written a letter of complaint to them hoping it will get the ball moving faster (fat chance of that I think). I think they are also talking sh*t about the problems with the two engines that have turned up; they say that the outlet port sizes are different from my original engines. Do you think this it bullsh*t as well?

absolutely, yes.

the engine code for the 172 is F4R 736 (I think thats correct without checking)

It is a simple matter for them to order the correct unit.

seems like another case of a reno dealer not knowing their arse from their elbow.

Hope ya get sorted soon though m8 !

I would have my doubts about their ability to even join words together let alone replace an engine


I will keep you all posted and hope to meet with you soon (when i get the car back). Probably next year the rate its going!

it is possible for the ancillary belt to break and get into cambelt, not seen this on a 172, but have seen it on other renault engine types

yes, but not seen on the can happen on loads of older motors not just from renault.

Anyway, sorry abot my rude introduciton, i just though you were another person from another forum stirring up sh*t.

anyway, we had a 172 engine that decided it would make its own alloy based on the valves and pistons and maybe include a bit of the head and rods on the way.....was a vey nice mash.

this was a production fault and is the only one we have had...but he did tend to bounce it off the limiter all day long.

anyway, under gaurantee it was fixed in a week..including the motor being shipped from france to us in Hong Kong!!

i would like to say our mechanics are pretty damn competent but only do things exactly the way you tell them to!! there like bloody robots!!!
in a way, good and bad!

and no again

yours was a major bottom end failure or piston seizure causing a leg out of bed or the oil pump coming looses and being deposited through the sump by the crank webs.