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MR2 K-swap Project


ClioSport Club Member
Went to Halfords after work tonight to get some bits. Ended up spending £83 :eek:

Picked up my oil cooler thermostatic plate from the post office too so that's all fitted. Piece of mind now the oil won't be over cooled. No leaks too now either as the other one was a bit dodgy

Fitted new oil filter and topped it up with oil.

I then began fitting the exhaust and mounting it all up. Starting to take shape wahayyy

Fitted the bumper as a trial run too with no clips hence the sagging on the left.

Need to get or 3d print a shed load of plastic clips as mine are all toss pretty much. Will refresh the whole thing.

I then began draining the old coolant by undoing the bleed nipples although one happened to snap like a bast so I've spent an hour tonight removing the coolant pipe. Longest f**king coolant pipe ever.

Letting that snapped bolt drown in plus gas tonight and I'll drill it out or weld a new boss on tomorrow.

Got an exciting bit coming up too as I'm going to be making a fourth mount. I've heard thst the 3 mounts for this set up can result in the Subframe twisting which I don't want. So, with a guy from work giving me part of thr k20 mount in exchange for me welding up his cut exhaust I'm going to fabricate the bracket that bolts onto the mr2 chassis.

Should be fair simple. I just need some nice thick plate. I only have 2mm stuff and ideally I want around 3 or 4mm.




ClioSport Club Member
That last pic is some soft top covers that I found in the jack bag @Mr Burns I ended up buying these on ebay so now I have a spare set. Think I paid £25 for them!! Hahaha they are when you go from a hard top to a soft top it replaces part of the hard top.

These are the mounts too. The black one is the one I'll be making, should look nice all tigged up.


ClioSport Club Member
I've installed a short shifter too. The difference is staggering. Should make a decent difference on the road.

Was a nice easy fit too. Cheap also.


And short shifter. Got rid of that tacky silver collet too.



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  Bean 182
@leeds2592 gave me his black mamba
No, that was after we'd finished with the cars the other weekend, remember?

You have new gloves that aren't ripped!

Which ones did you go for?
I got some of the Aurelia Ignite ones and brought some for @dann2707 to try out. So worth the money over standard shitty gloves that get ripped easily. Never seen Dan with an intact thumb on his gloves!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
I got some of the Aurelia Ignite ones and brought some for @dann2707 to try out. So worth the money over standard shitty gloves that get ripped easily. Never seen Dan with an intact thumb on his gloves!!
Yeah they're the ones i recommended (y)

I paid £14 for two boxes of the Aurelia Bold. Well worth it like you say.


ClioSport Club Member
Latest update although it doesn't look like much....

Plates now welded in to the car so I can mount the cage. Very exciting as thst was quite a big job. Set the car on 4 times which was f**king terrifying but we're all good.

Next job is to line up the catch for the roof so that it clasps shut when down. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

I've also received a 4th mount from a chap from work. I welded up his exhaust for his ek9 civic in exchange for it. I've pikeyed5it for now with tiger seal to make it stiffer as the rubber insert had broken a bit. Will do and tide me over for the next 3 years or so.

I've mounted the ecu. Sadly it's getting the better of my ocd as it's obviously not level but the angle of the harness where it feeds through the car has completely depicted this angle. It's nice and secure with the world's best invention.... Riv nuts

Tomorrow should be good and I reckon it'll be ready for a quick spin next week.

Guys exhaust included for good measure. Well happy for tig on very old and dirty steel.



ClioSport Club Member
The car moves 😬😬 feels awesome that it moves on its own steam.

My intentions were to spin it around and have it outside so I could run the engine to bleed the coolant however I called it short as Dennis got the better of me and I have a hunting idle issue. Most likely will be icv related. Most likely stuck so I'll remove that and have a play.

Made the bracket for the roof latch too which I'm dead happy with, it's a nice solid clunk when operating. I'll add some bracing when the cage is out when it's being painted. As you can imagine it's quite flexy as it is now. Works a treat though as per the video.

Next plans are to tidy a f**k load of everything up, route cables nicely. Fit plastics.

Today I'll be painting the sub frames for the seats and where the cage feet have been welded in.

I need to remove the original seat belt captive nuts under the car, to fit my harness ones.

I've ordered a f**k load of plastic clips for everything to renew so that should make a nice subtle difference.

I've also taken a pic of the car where it actually doesn't look s**t :eek: no idea how... The one below in the garage.



ClioSport Club Member
Great progress tonight. Sorted out a few niggles.

Firstly the lap belt support plates are in. I removed the original ones as they were the wrong thread, not 7/16 unf like the seat belts. New ones are sealed in nicely now.


I then removed my idle control valve as when I drove the car out the garage the other day it was idling crazy. Found the issue which was a stuck iacv. Removed it and cleaned all the corrosion out and now it spins freely. Video to come.



I then sprayed the cage matt black and fitted the seats properly, and sorted the gaitor too. Interior is such a nice place to be on these!

Tomorrow I reckon it'll be seat belts fitment and overall tidying up of other bits and trim etc.





ClioSport Club Member
Comparison of stuck vs not stuck IACV

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ClioSport Club Member
Did a bit of fabrication tonight for the grand sum of £9 for materials.

I've made the fourth engine mount that attaches to the bulkhead, by using some 5mm thick plate and the civic type r mount I got off a chap at work for welding his exhaust above.

This is the space under the car on the bulkhead and you can see three holes. I needed to make a bracket that I can attach with 3 off m10 bolts.
So onwards with paper I made a template rubbing my finger on where the holes are to make a stencil of sorts. Works really well and as shown lines up perfect.

I then welded up two 100mm pieces and cut it to size. Ground off the excess weld to make it flat.




I then lined it up with the mount and made some brackets for that at 90deg