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MR2 K-swap Project


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Been enjoying the car today taking it to the peaks, giving it a good hammering and really testing the handling.

Weird to say this but the car is going to outhandle my skill for a long time. It feels incredibly planted through the twisties, it's most likely a combo of rear wheel drive, mid engine and the Lsd. It just effortlessly goes around corners with a lot of grip.

The tyres are letting it down and are a bit squirmy but I don't care that much at the moment. Just getting out and enjoying it for what it is.

Mapping at EFI is on Monday. 220 to 230 would be nice!


ClioSport Club Member
So it's mapping day tomorrow at EFI.

I am hoping for 220bhp on EFI's rollers. I have literally no idea what it's running now as it's on whatever map came with the second hand ECU.

I'd be interested to see if the exhaust if helping things along nicely - It is a 3" system but obviously with the manifold it's not a proven design.

Mods are as follows:

RBC manifold
4 2 1 manifold going to a 3" system
Aftermarket air filter
K100 ECU

That typically gets 247bhp on a generic rolling road at TDI north and everyone seems to get the same results which i'm totally sceptical about haha

In all fairness I just want it running to it's optimum, i'm not chasing power figures - if I was i'd be strapping a great dirty turbooooo to it.

I'll be there mid day ish O YEP. Will update as I go along. It's not going to be the same without @leeds2592 there!

Twingo 1??

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  Twingo 133 Cup,
I'm going for 236.7bhp and 14ftlbs

Anyone else guessing?
Isn't that just honda torque anyway and usually at 8000rpm? You could always hang out the door with your milwaukee attached to the hubnut just make sure you have spare batteries to hand so you can change on the fly lol


ClioSport Club Member
Haha I don't doubt I won't be doing that. If I get banned from efi it's because I tried to torque boost mid rolling road run.


ClioSport Club Member
I'll guess at 231bhp.
I'll also guess that your next update will be positive, however with the disclaimer, like all post rolling road updates with "Chris mapped it safe at....but I'm happy with that"
Hahah that reminds me of when every clio owner ever restores their headlights "not perfect, but much better than before"

In all fairness on the meg clio I told Chris to push it as much as he can as I felt the engine was a good one. Cue 1 week later and my piston rings ended up following behind me on the A50 to work 😂


ClioSport Club Member
Haha @Old Tarby! It weighs about 1.1 ton I think? Maybe around there.

Just got home from the drive and wow what a journey, it feels so much nicer to drive than before. I can really feel the low end and mid range power now and the driveability is just spot on.

In all honesty I'm just glad the manifold and exhaust didn't draw me back as obviously that was a bit of a gamble. Apparently I've sacrificed a bit of top end with more mid range grunt which I'm happy about - Chris also mentioned that there's usually a dip in the power curve but the exhaust has actually got rid of that so that's nice!

All in all, what a great day. Nothing blew up, injectors worked well, no heat issues, driveshafts binding etc, radiator splitting when getting there. It's a first for me 😂

Oh yeah and I've officially made it - Chris asked me if he could take pictures of the car 😁😂😂

Can't wait to do some more suspension mods and get it on track now!

Better image of the one earlier



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  Jim's rejects
Great results there, the reliability as well, thats part of the build in my opinion. I couldn't watch when the Saxo was on the dyno, thought it would explode.