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MR2 K-swap Project


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Well I thought the engine looked like an engine before earlier up in the thread but now it definitely looks like an engine that's for sure.

I've fitted a lot of the ancillaries, inlet manifold that's now silver silver. New gaskets and fitted the throttle body and adapter plate I bought earlier in the week.

It's pretty much there now and I'm so happy with it.

Random pictures in a random order as always

Removed a lot of the crap from the aluminium faces with a drill and wire wheel which might be in one of the photos. Your guess is as good as mine.



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Doing a great job on the refresh, did you change the oil pump? A good upgrade is the fd2 one :)
  MR2 Mk3 / Giulietta
@dann2707 have you pulled the 1zz out yet? Getting a start on mine soon but by the looks of it they can only come out from underneath.

Was going to use the below video for reference.

@JB21 they drop out from the bottom. You can undo the struts and brakes and drop out the whole thing - then lift the car up and pull the suspension and engine out with the subframe.


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I've got a bit of spare time now so I'll update.

So basically, I will be making my own exhaust manifold and exhaust for this project as I want to give it a shot myself.

I was going to be buying an exhaust modelling kit from America called icengineworks however its very expensive, it comes to £450 for the kit I'd need delivered including tax.

The kit allows you to pre make the manifold to the correct length and do all your routes before f**king it up 30000 times if you didn't have the kit. The blocks click together like lego and you then, with the use of an additional plate, allows you to cut exactly where the mould was to mimic your exhaust in stainless.

I have my mandrel bends and flange ready



The huge downside to the pre made kit is the fact that it comes in thr wrong centre line radius bends. It comes as 2 inch, 3, 5 and 6 which is not what is readily available in the UK (we get 1D and 1.5D bends very easy)
So even if I'd mocked it up the radius would be wrong anyway

So... What should I do? Print and build my own kit 😁😁😁😁😁 bought the printer on Sunday and have made some good progress already. Its cheap as hell for the plastic so works out significantly cheaper and I get a 3d printer at the end of it all.
Ice already seen you can print off a 3d clutch alignment tool for the K20. Mint


Few trial runs



This means I can also print the larger models when I do the bigger exhaust bore.

Massive thanks to @Louis for designing it and sending it through! I've got cad so can tweak and print as necessary.
I'll be printing the 4 to 1 merge collector too for the mockup stage.
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Absolute shed loads of parts printed and I've been working on some other models to help with:

Aligning the metal for cutting
Tack welding the tube together
Holding the pieces whilst cutting.

I'll post photos when they're done.

Well chuffed with the machine and I'm enjoying the design and editing side of it so much

Last night I printed off inserts that go into the flange. The bit behind the flange is wider so it holds it against the engine securely whilst I mock it up.

I've ordered all the y pieces I need, I'll be making it a 4 2 1 design based on a model that gives good power for the type r's



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Fuckin clever b*****d
I can't take all credit for it as the system exists (just in a s**t form and needed massive improvements) cheers though mate
Exhaust is a nice touch for this project. I love a bit of welding as well and exhausts are much more forgiving than body panels.

Are you making it from stainless? What welder are you using? Mig or Tig?

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Thanks buddy, yeah it will all be in 304 stainless and fully tig welded.

I will be making some back purging caps for the argon too so that the weld is nice and strong on the inside.

I have an r tech ac/dc tig 210amp digital. Its a beast and way over specced for what I use but it's future proofed I guess. I'll be welding with a max of 40 amps for this as it's 1.5mm thick.

Also disclaimer I have never done anything like this before so I'm going to come across some road blocks but it's how I deal with it is the true learning and development on a project like this.