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MR2 K-swap Project


ClioSport Club Member
Been looking into this a lot more now, can see that mine are at a stupid angle which is only going to throttle back the engine and with this much time and effort in I'll get something that flows better in there.

I've ordered some 15 degree mandrel bends in to hopefully learn how to do it. Total cost is £36 for 4 so if it does work it won't be expensive at all and gives me an excuse to get the tig out.

Will think of jig / fixture ideas for it to clamp it at the right angle. Shouldn't be hard at all to mock something up and print.

I now have a band saw in my possession so will use that for the sexy ass cut


ClioSport Club Member
So I was borrowing my mates band saw but as its quite big it was taking up a lot of garage space. Ordered this last night for the tube cutting. Got super good reviews and it's relatively portable which is ideal. Can stack it on my shelving units now.


Last night I also designed the mandrel bends on cad that I've bought, printed them off overnight so I can have as many practise runs as I want on them.

The next step will be to receive the saw, check out the clamp area and model a jig/fixture to hold the mandrel bed at the angle I require for the merge collector.

The cost of this is racking up but at the end of it I will have a bandsaw and linisher machine for other stuff in the future.

Plus I'm getting so much f**king enjoyment out of it all which at the end of it all is what it's all about.

I'll get pics of it but I also created a cool little fixture that will hold the merge collector straight parts parellel to each other. The pipes just slide into it and are kept apart by 10mm.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Can't go wrong with Starrett stuff in the engineering/measurement world, hopefully the saw is just as good.

A few tips here for bedding in a new blade to increase it's life.



ClioSport Club Member
Can't go wrong with Starrett stuff in the engineering/measurement world, hopefully the saw is just as good.

A few tips here for bedding in a new blade to increase it's life.

Thanks for that mate. I'll give it a watch. Love his stuff too, his latest fab table video is one of the best fab vids I've seen on you tube.

These are the spacers I mentioned earlier. Might bring them a little closer together, 10mm looks a bit too much perhaps.


Just received my block of alu for making the purge block for the flange. So happy with jt


Will take it to work and get it machined.

And these are the 15 degree bends I printed last night to have a go on the new saw.


Finally, I made an enclosure for the 3d printer so I can now print abs, badly done as I hate plastic but still it works wonders



ClioSport Club Member
Didn't realise that band saw was so expensive when you sent me it earlier! Read it as £164 haha, that's gonna be a wicked bit of kit. Super useful too!

Getting expensive this exhaust system, but man maths ;):D


ClioSport Club Member
Dan your gonna need a unit for all your equipment soon lad😂😂. Cracking effort, I hope it works out well.

I know mate 🙈🙈 it is getting out of hand. Cheers man, me too 😂😂 if I f**k it up I'll just pay for an exhaust and claim I made it to save face.
Didn't realise that band saw was so expensive when you sent me it earlier! Read it as £164 haha, that's gonna be a wicked bit of kit. Super useful too!

Getting expensive this exhaust system, but man maths ;):D
Haha mental innit, didn't expect to be paying that much but its something I'll use quite frequently I reckon.

It really is 😁😁 man mathsing the f**k out of the whole build tbh. I'm pretty bad with skills like thst though I tell myself I'll use them later in life, most likely will and its something for the cv too


ClioSport Club Member
Saws been delivered next door and he's gone out how frustrating

In other news I've made the purge block for the exhaust manifold



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Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Definitely, no precision needed with boost, just crank the psi to compensate


ClioSport Club Member
Well the merge collector went rather wel ish apart from cutting one of them too close to each other but it's not the end of the world!!

Just need a vertical band saw to finish the ends off and I'm well happy

Used the 3d print to print off a fixture that holds the pipe at 12 angle for better flow



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ClioSport Club Member
Cut the ends off them, I just need to belt sander on them now to get them nice and straight edged.

Nice comparison between the restrictive ones I bought...

Ebay bought






Not shocking for my first go at it I don't think

I will end up going over it with the tig with more amps and back purging it at a later date.


ClioSport Club Member
Took me ages to work out what you had on your feet. Any respect for you has been lost upon realising. #shame
Do not mock, they are so versatile, comfy, waterproof, a great talking point amongst your Chinese friends, great in combat and most importantly they look amazing.

Who knew looking that great would also be so comfy?

I bought my mate a set last year for a joke and he loves them too, had them on last night before we went out 😂



ClioSport Club Member
Well that was a lot easier than I imagined.

She's out, one driveshaft was slightly stuck so got the hub puller on it and that just laughed in its face.

HJust have to slide it out from under the car now which is easy as it's on the jack.

UUsed the engine crane to aim it and not lift the engine that's why its just on the little tabs at the bottom.

SSorry this is all in hold I pressed something by accident



ClioSport Club Member
She's all out and wrapped up for a buyer.

Minimal rust on the shell found but I will clean it up and splash it with rust preventer. Think it was @frayz who recommended a process on it??

Next steps are to get the engine and box in with the mounts on and that's it so I can start on the exhaust.

Wiring et al will be later on I suspect.



ClioSport Club Member
Got the week off work so I've got plenty of time to dick around in the garage. Today was no exception and made some more progress.

I got the engine and box on its mounts properly, I've done this so I can see what needs to be removed from the bulkhead. I then ground the bits away that was in the way to give the inlet some clearance. I will be boxing this in with a detachable cover.

Plenty of room to work on the cold side of the engine now.





Then on its mounts, ready to start mocking up the exhaust this week.




The rust will all be treated and bits painted too obviously. Just awaiting some products to arrive.

I have a captive nut for the arb bracket that is spinning too, I tried the fork approach to no avail. I'll be cutting it out and welding in a plate with a captive nut on it this week too


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