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My Dimma with Gold Rims

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Not sure about that mate lol - i wish!!

Anyway, it does suit Gold rims way better doesnt it!!
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Where can you get gold OZ wheels from Nick? Thought they were only for Scooby fitment. Ive been after some for mine for ages although want to keep to 15" or 16" to save ride quality and cost on tyres.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Im having Hub adapters made, but because my car is so wide, theyre going to be 92mm Wide - basically spacers that bolt into my original hubs, then will have 5 holes drilled and tapped for Scooby fitment wheels - ive already got the rims, just waiting for the spacers/adapters!!

Have a look on the link now - scroll down, theyve removed the strips, door handles and lowered it etc