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My Impreza STI Spec D

So i sold the TT and had intended to get an Evo 6 or possibly an E46 M3, but after 3 weeks of daily searching AT, Pistonheads and several forums i decided that i was unlikely to find something i'd be happy with in terms of bodywork or mileage. So i widened my search and this STI Spec D came up 9 miles away, so i decided to go take a look and see what they're like as i've never been in one. Overall the car's in great condition, few bodywork marks and scuffs but nothing terrible and the guy had spent a fair amount on maintenance and modifications.

Modifications are Speedline wheels, BC Racing Coilovers (height and damping adjustable), downpipe, straight through center section, Cosworth head gaskets, ARP head studs, Exedy clutch and remap.

It's still running the standard backbox so it's not too loud (or too quiet), the coilovers are only set slightly lower than standard and on the soft setting the ride is pretty comfortable.

Only taken a couple of quick phone pics, i'll try to get some more this week (and maybe a few GoPro videos)


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I have never even been in a Subaru! Love the blob and hawkeyes though.

Is it my phone screen or are the doors a different colour to the rest of the car?


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Love it mate, was looking at these a while back. Quite rare in the spec D , but think they look great. Enjoy it :up:
Not much of an update (i still haven't even had chance to fit the front STI badge yet)
Today i received my RCM 3" cat back exhaust

Hopefully next month i'll be adding a new air filter, fuel pump and getting a remap
Still not really made any changes to the car but the last fluid check showed that the oil level was getting a bit low. I'm unsure which grade oil is in there at the moment so i decided to just order some Millers CFS 10w50 Ester Based Fully Synthetic Oil and do a complete oil change it.

While i was on there though i also decided to order a set of NGK ILFR7H Spark Plugs, Cosworth air filter, SWRD "Colossus" 290lph Fuel Pump and an RCM 3" Open Neck Downpipe.



First step will be the oil, filter and plug change, then the next job will be to fit the full exhaust.

I'm going to hold off fitting the pump until i have the car booked for a remap (hopefully in Feb).
Been a while since i've updated this but on Saturday i got the car back from East Kent Subaru. They fixed the exhaust fitment, fitted new rear ARB bushes, fitted the 290lph fuel pump, removed my locking wheel nuts (which i've never had the key for), fitted 2 new front tyres and most importantly had the Ecutek RaceROM software loaded on.

The mapping was done by Duncan at RaceDynamix and i now have low and high boost maps as well as auto blip on downshift and launch control. I wouldn't mind putting it on a dyno at some point just out of interest but it's estimated to be around the 350bhp mark on the high boost map.

Here's a quick exhaust video i did yesterday

I've not tried out the launch control yet but i'll try and get a video when i do.