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My Renault 21 Quadra Supershed

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Having had a break from the 21 while i've been pratting around with the 9 I decided to do a bit on the 21 Saturday afternoon, so I gave this a bash



Its the drivers side front bumper mount for those of you that dont recognise it, Attacked it with the plasma cutter and then fitted a couple of bits in the hole. I bought a metal shaping kit from the kitcar show I went to the other week, some proper hammers and big chunky metal buck things to shape over...its helped a lot. Also sacked off the welder manual and guidelines and started from scratch on the setup which has yielded some significant improvement!



Once that was seam welded in I made the reinforcing plate from 2mm steel




It's nice to have picked up the welder, had a go at the 21 and not come away in a strop! :)
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Not much progress lately, sorry - numerous other items have come up, I had a copart fail and accidentally bought a Twingo GT I didnt really want (lol), had another 21 in for a mate that needed a bit of work, then also I seem to have accidentally bought this too... the owner needed to shift it FAST so I couldnt say no at the asking price...

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Good work on the accidental car buying
Yeah turns out Copart auction reserves don't work like ebay ones and even if you dont meet reserve you might still end up buying the car!!

It looks like the roof skin change might be happening soon, i've had a kind offer of help and I just bought the primer and seam sealer....
  Seat Leon Mk2
Hi all, this brings back the good old days when I worked for Renault UK selling new/used Renault's. All the turbos were great 5's 11's 21's and the GTA/A610, this was back in late 80's till 2000. Good luck with the rebuild.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Nothing significant to update save that I got my sand blaster setup working :)



Spent Saturday making some tweaks on the Meglio, then went to Retro Rides on Sunday which was awesome.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Saturday, under the advisement of a professional I cleaned up the new roof skin, removing the seam sealer, roof lining glue and any surface rust that had started up. I used a wire wheel on a grinder, then went over with a normal sander. After that I sanded it off a bit with a sander and masked off the bits that need to be welded to the car, then sprayed it with Bonda anti-rust primer





Once I had yet another tidy around in the garage I had a mess with the easier spot welds on the roof of the car, on the leading edge where the top of the windscreen sits. I drilled out some of the spot welds with a 6mm spot weld drill, but it didnt seem to release the full weld, so on the other side I used a coarse flap disc and ground them down which seemed to work a little better.



I had to finish off a bit early cos it was her birthday, so this is how I left it Saturday.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Sunday the plan was to release the spot welds at the back, I went and got a bigger, posher spot weld drill (8mm) and figured out how to use it a little carried away.




That was the rear done, so I marked up the sides



Dimpled the centre with a punch so the drill locates and cracked on



The roof is brazed in the 4 corners so that took a bit of careful grinder action


Around the inside of the roof frame the skin is stuck on with seam sealer, it's bloody tough stuff!


I used a combination of a stanley knife and old wallpaper scraper to start releasing the seam sealer, trying to be careful not to bend or damage anything. It must have taken me a good couple of hours to get around it all.


View attachment 144425
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6

Sandblaster has now gone on my list of tools I want!🤣🤣🤣
Its not that expensive, you can get a grit blast gun from machine mart for like £20, and the cabinet I got used off a mate for free (theyre not that much new mind). What is expensive though is the compressor, you need a pretty decent unit to keep up the air consumption. I got lucky and the same mate that gave me the cabinet gave me this with a duff motor and then even sorted me the new motor for a bargain of £170, I wired it direct to my garage fuse box and voila. It's a beast! I had to unload it off the pickup on my own, nearly broke me in half haha

Its not that expensive, you can get a grit blast gun from machine mart for like £20, and the cabinet I got used off a mate for free (theyre not that much new mind). What is expensive though is the compressor, you need a pretty decent unit to keep up the air consumption. I got lucky and the same mate that gave me the cabinet gave me this with a duff motor and then even sorted me the new motor for a bargain of £170, I wired it direct to my garage fuse box and voila. It's a beast! I had to unload it off the pickup on my own, nearly broke me in half haha

View attachment 1432769
A beast that, wish my dad kept his 500l compressor from back in the day as we could have had tyre machines and everything on the b*****d hahaha
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
I was dead busy this weekend on other stuff but got enough time on the 21 Saturday evening (Sat evening, Dance Anthems, in the garage = perfect!) to weld up some of the spots on the roof sides. I did blow a couple of holes, and had to back the metal with flat copper to pool the weld enough to fix it again. Hoping it's not too ugly at the back and that we can sneak in the new spot welds around the old ones as I don't fancy having to grind the back of the welds back....access looks horrible!

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
After going to my blast/powder coat place and speaking with the foremen, the shell will be going in to have specific areas blasted in their big-ass chamber. They will accommodate my specific requirements.

Also, I spent quite a long time looking but I have found a cage maker that I would say is the right combo of quality and price to make and fit my cage. He would rather fit said cage with the roof off.. He also has space in December to fit my car in (yes, the same December as xmas, and two kids birthdays *facepalm*). He has priced me at £1500 for a weld in modern interpretation of the Europa cup cage, with A-pillar gussets and a harness bar with a 7-10 day turnaround.

A few shots of his work. I know where to go now if I ever fancy a tubular subframe!


Money/Proximity to xmas
He's 302 miles away from my house :eek:
Moving a car with no wheels 302 miles
I'd want the blasting work done first which is another £500-1000

Anyone wanna buy a kidney?

italian job

ClioSport Club Member
  182 FF
Really enjoyed reading this....looks like its in good in the hell did you lift that compressor on your own:)

Keep it coming please.

Cheers Paul.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
After a few PM's with @davemaygtt I got some new welding wire in and had a bit of a head reset on settings and stuff (and read the instruction manual, which also helped!)



Bit of practise on 1mm sheet, and welding some old car metal to the new 1mm sheet - seems better.


A lot of you may frown upon that but I don't care - there's no ugly big holes in it lol
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
So... Sunday afternoon I tackled a rust patch on the rear NS Quarter where the rear wing joins the boot floor.


Cut out and the back lip put back in



There's a couple of angles as the outer wings comes down to the lip so I made it in a few bits


Now I know i'll never be opening my own bodyshop or anything but i'm quite pleased with it.


Reattached the inner support panel at the bottom as that had all rusted too


Once thats primed and seam sealered it'll all be hidden away so I didnt bother grinding it back, plus access in there was pants. Quite why I took the decision all those years back to paint the inside of the boot black I do not know lol.... the sand blaster will soon sort that out though!
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Collected some more parts from blasting/powder coating




Bought a Rotisserie too, collected that Friday.




He didnt have a pattern for a R21, of course, so I had to mount it myself. I only ended up drilling 2 new holes in the car at the front so happy with that. Used an exusting chassis hole and the new hole at the front with L-plates



  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Front brackets went in easy enough, welded some bolts in and some nice big spreader washers




Then lined up the mount and marked/drilled the holes


Rear went on the OS towing point and NS bolted to the chassis rail, which is a lot more substantial than a 2wd with all that axle crap at the back.




Then it was time to hoist it on - engine crane very useful to get the height here


  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Out came the stands and - over it went! And even better it didn't break in half LOL




Success! Very pleased with myself, a successful Saturday. I have to say Saturday evening 4-7pm in the garage with Dance Anthems on is one of my absolute favourite "me time" things to do :)

With the underneath exposed I surveyed the full extent of carnage caused by the rust monster. It''s not great.





Underside of the OS front turret - yes you can see through where the turret skin is coming away from the turret top :(


However bad you think it is, it's probably worse up close!


Wanted : Renault 21 outer sills :D
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
It's amazing what crap falls out of an upside-down car...


Sunday I went out to Caffiene and Machine in the Vee, gratuitous pic for the sake of it


Spotted a K-Plate 21, seen him here before, last time I chased him down the road in the V6 to say hello - pretty sure he thought I was off my rocker.


Sunday afternoon I carefully unwrapped my subframe also back from powdercoating, and put the new bushes in that had just turned up from France




Then I primed the steering rack that I had had blasted (but not coated) with rust inhibiting primer. Think I will paint this black.



To finish off Sunday I hacked away some more rust underneath and welded up a small 2" square patch, just so there was a tiny bit less rust on the car - because if I keep getting rid of it I will eventually get rid of it all....right?
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Oh, also, fellow ClioSport chums - I am looking for a Clio 197/200 brake master and servo complete to see if I can use it to replace the electronic assist master & pump rig in the 21. As the 197 setup is designed for factory 4-pot fronts it should be ideal IF it will fit - so if you have one I can have cheap (bearing in mind it may not fit and I might end up having to just bin it) please drop me a line.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Had a dig into this NSR axle mount Saturday afternoon




Not ready to weld in yet, but I smothered the inside with Bilt to let it cure.



I also made myself a little step thing so I can hammer a lip on the 1mm metal sheet if I want to make an overlap for a joint.




  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Back to work on Monday after another bit of tinkering, featuring a burned thumb and substantially bashed right index finger. Typing is uncomfortable, so I hope you appreciate the effort and discomfort involved in this update!

I carried on with the first bit of the axle mount that I cut out and treated last time


Then I attacked the 'orrible bit around the other axle mount, I cut a fair bit away so I could get inside the box section.



I wanted to coat/treat that too, so I decided to clean up a bit more and treat to see how it came out




Gave the Hydrate 80 a good brushing in, all over the shop.


While I had my fingers in the hole (and after I chopped the top off my paint brush to get in there) I realised there was an access port inside the car with an alloy plug over it, hidden by seam sealer, so I popped that out from the inside


That gave decent access to smother everything!

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
I'd picked away a couple of layers of metal and though the top bit will be 2mm, I decided to put a smaller plate underneath too




Then made the bigger section



Seems to be well attached!


Then I looked at a very small hole further to the left, and opened another (albeit small) can of worms



Cut a plate from 1mm, in it went, then blasted the whole lot with Hydrate 80 - you can see the black bit I did yesterday has dried and cured well.


Underside 5% done.... lol

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Next installment - the other side!


I also hacked this bit out and took it to a local place to ask them if they could copy the profile, but with a specific tweak to make it easier to fit


I want them to make the replacement panel identical, save for a step at the top, so I can cut the old sill along the red line, and the new panel will hook under the step thats left and make an overlap joint which will be much easier to weld in.


They are pricing me for metre lengths, they should be available in the TR club shop as and when assuming the price isn't mental.
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Throwback Tuesday - CSS/Blyton 2015, the last time it was on track in the UK (though we did do Spa Francorchamps F1 circuit, Nurburgring F1 and Nordschliefe after that).

P8010089 (2).jpg

Neeeearly got that back wheel off the floor :D


Wonder if it'll make a return for CSS '21 - that would be rather fitting don't you think?
  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
I also hacked this bit out and took it to a local place to ask them if they could copy the profile, but with a specific tweak to make it easier to fit
Prototype v1

Excuse the hideous rug, its temporary until I fit the carpet, but I can't do that until I get underlay and I can't do that until I buy underlay, which I can't do because I can't stop spending money on this ridiculous old heap.

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Pulled the pedal box Saturday morning so I could fit up the 197 servo



A small, easy mod to the pedal joint would see this working.... but I still can't get the assembly back on the bulkhead. It's a lot closer than it was trying to fit the servo to the pedal box, but still won't clear. Undecided as to whether to pursue or relent and get a smaller/remote servo, as this would also require relocation of the clutch master. The remote servo's look ace, but it's a cost thing. Obviously, though, I have made up my mind to sack off the electronic accumulator system.

I then had a crack at the O/S sill, so I could trial fit my new panel pressing. I didn't get as far as fitting it though as the inner sill was worse than I hoped, at the front. The guy that fitted the new jack points in 2016 welded a new bit of inner sill in but didnt make a very nice job of it at all and didn't protect it so that bit had already started to rot. Didn't even seam weld the edge of the jack point to the sill! :( I couldn't see it until I got in there but once I did I was just like "f***s sake this has all got to come out".


I don't think the 2wd has the centre brace panel, seen in the next pic.


Comedy rust


You can see here the hack-n-slash inner sill repair at the front


Tried up the new sill panel, it's close but it fouls the centre bracket a bit so I need the curve to be a bit deeper, maybe add another 5mm to it and bow it out a bit more.


You can see here the little overlap lip I has added to hook in under the original sill.



Bad repair cut out and cleaned up/treated everything with Bilt. I should be able to get the inside of the jack point with the gravitex gun so I proceeded to make the inner sill patch.

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
Hydrate 80 everywhere!


Made the patch for the inner


Cleaned up the centre brace - this thing is giving me issues with the repair panel


Small patch on the inner


Patch where I cut the sample out


Welded in the big patch on the inner - ground down the edges where the outer sill will meet it, left the rest lol


Under the new panel, needs bowing out a little to clear that bloody centre brace.


Welded up the spot weld holes and grinder marks on the centre brace too

  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
You can see here the bow on the new panel as I try and clamp it over the centre brace


Treated everything i'd been working on on Saturday



Sunday I had to be on Dad duty for a birthday so only got outside at 4pm till 7, but decided to tackle the back bit of the sill



Yuk. I cleaned it up a bit, think I got good use out of this haha


Anyway I cut the bad crap out and welded a big patch on the inner and then the curved lip at the trailing edge, didn't take many pics as I was motoring on, with only 3 hours before sofa & TV time :D



After (the square corner I cut out needed treating underneath so once it's dry i'll come back to that bit)



Are you bored with the cutting, fabricating and welding pics yet? Only about a thousand more to go :D


  21T, 9T, Meglio, V6
I had 2 weeks off work over xmas, so I got a good amount of garage time in.

I picked up sill panel version 2 the week before I broke up and verified fit, and had them make a couple of sets before the holidays so I could get stuck in (Group buy now up here

As mentioned before it's designed to fit in and hook behind the swage line below the sideskirt clips, cos, lets face it, who wants to cut those out and re-drill the holes if it's not necessary!



Fit looked good so I got on with the last bit of welding under the sill and prep work




Momentary pause to hang some bunting from @ricardo :D



Looking good on the fit so on they went. The sheet of paper is a marker for the mid-sill spot weld points.



Second one on