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Neil buys epic cars


ClioSport Club Member
Pfff that's a lot of money, but I'm not sure you'd want one without warranty..

Such a shame to have to let it go without properly enjoying the new exhaust for the summer! Still a stunning car!


ClioSport Club Member
Yip i honestly dont think you will find a better or faster car for the money, i would love to keep it but cant justify having 4 cars for the use they get.
The thing with the mac is the yearly warranty is 3000 a year and almost 5k a year once the car is 5 years old . So by the time you have insured it , taxed it , serviced it and warranty you are close to 7k a year before you turn a wheel.
And as you say, if it was your only car then £7k a year as swallowable. But as a 4th car doing next to no miles. £7k buys you some epic road trips in the Fez or even the little Trophy.
The memories made would be far greater than paying for a Macca on the drive.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Exactly that Frayz it i had a cheap daily and this as my special car then you can justify the costs, and in my mind would be worth it for this level of car.
For the limited use it will get I still feel the Fez is more of an occasion , and its the one i bought with my own money so its staying and may see a few more upgrades with some of the money.
On the plus side if this sells i will have room to move the Trophy back home so may get some use out of that as well.

Like a range rover , I would never own a Mclaren without warranty just not worth the risk. Hell the paint/Panel issues I have just had fixed under warranty would of probably turned into a 10K job to put right.


ClioSport Club Member
Just saw this and thought it was related, my mistake.


neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Ferrari Update
As I've decided this is a keeper I've got a few mods planned before it goes back on the road hopefully once lockdown is over.
Today is fitted some f430 dash vents as a bit of a modern update on the 360 vents.
I have the final piece of carbon for the engine bay being made and I hope to get my engine ecu's upgraded to Stradale spec which should fee up a little power but also and in some extra safety features that never got implemented until the last run of cars.




Side by side


neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Sat in place the weave isnt a perfect mach but it will clean up the bay. I've also ordered a stradale rear panel for beside the exhaust to tidy that area up.



ClioSport Club Member
I see that thing sitting on that tailgate again and me and you Mr Neil are going to be having words! ,😂

Can't believe the macca is going but I can hear the ££££££

ian 182

ClioSport Club Member
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
What a great position to have been in, owned a great car and letting it go to still own great cars.

Nothing wrong with that.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Yes I've been very lucky just a shame with the lock down I've not had as much use out of the mclaren as i would of liked as it really is a very impressive car.
Luckily the way its worked out I've taken a deposit on it already so it may be away at the end of next week all going well , which is a good thing as if i had more time to use it I know i would want to keep it as well.
Sadly with the way the oil industry is justnow it would be stupid to keep 2 expensive cars when i can cash out on one of them ready for when the pay offs start.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Striped the engine bay down this morning to mount the carbon panel to find out the mounting points are different so waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.
In the mean time I've re painted the mesh sections around the exhaust as they were starting to rust a little and cleaned up the bay behind the panels


The manufacturer got back to me and we think it may be because my car is an early one so ended up making some mounting brackets they allow me to keep the original rail guard with the carbon section over the top.






ClioSport Club Member
  Evo VIII MR FQ340
F430 gated manual is hands down the most fun car I have ever driven. Would have one in a heartbeat if it was viable. Ferrari build quality leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion, though. Especially from that era.


ClioSport Club Member
Only £65k short or I'd have that,
I going to guess it's which ever sells first and keep the other

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
Yip the 360 is listed but for strong money with a view as if it sells it sells , the Mclaren is sold and collected today.

I would of loved to sell both and buy a GT3RS but really can't justify/afford having all that tied up in one car.

I guess one thing owning the 570 has made me think is the usability of having a more modern sports/supercar , things like keyless entry,blue tooth, auto lights ...., basic things we take for granted in modern cars.

I do have something in the pipeline that if it works out means i have a nice modern sports car and still pulled some money out of the Mclaren sale, the only issue is it will mean the Trophy will be staying in lock down. Don't think I've even seen it without the cover in 6 months.


ClioSport Club Member
Makes a lot of sense.

Great sports car, more of the modern stuff you wanted, much cheaper to run (relative to a Ferrari) and probably not going to go down in value either.

neil a

ClioSport Club Member
It only got delivered today ,just been out for an essential journey(were still in lockdown). It drives really nice not massively fast but probably ideal power for road use.

It's a clubsport so has the 918 carbon seats, half cage, 6 point harnesses(now tucked away as a nightmare for road use) and fire extinguisher.