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Ph1 Driveshaft Rebuilding.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium Ph1 172
With Ph1 172 driveshafts no longer being available, has anyone had a crack at rebuilding theirs?

Currently have both shafts off the Clio, original Renault units and even original Renault stamped CV boots, however, they are beginning to deteriorate and need replacing.

CVJs have no play and seem smooth, so may just replace the boots and repack with some Redline CV2 grease.

Anyone managed to source CVJs and/or the triple slider roller bearings at the gearbox end of the shaft?

If these parts can be sourced, rebuilding would be a doddle.
  172 Ph1
Just out of curiosity, what CV boots you using then as OE outers we’re thermoplastic , the only rubber one is the right side inner .
Left side inner CV boot has the bearing on .

I’ve not come across CVJ’s before to replace these or the inner spider bearings .

I have OE CV boots and at some point will be doing what your planning on doing .
Repacking I think is the only option .

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ClioSport Club Member
  Renault 5 GT Turbo
Hi All, I’m going to bump this thread as I’m currently in a situation where Ph1 172 shafts seem like the obvious option and are what I was planning to use.

I’ve been building a 5 GTT Hillclimb car for a while and I’ve been doing a lot of work on the suspension. In particular, I’ve opted for a wide-track setup utilising 172 uprights with Roll-Centre Correction kit.

I will also run the old Cleon C1J 1.4L OHV engine to stay in the class I’m aiming for and because this engine setup is reasonably light. I can run JC5 boxes (JB3 not available in Oz), but the intermediate shaft support of the Ph2 can’t be fitted to the C1J block.

So in this instance I have a few options as I see it:

1. Rebuild a set of Ph1 shafts (parts??)
2. Have custom shafts made (very expensive)
3. Abandon the C1J (I’ve put a lot of money and time into it that will be lost)
4. Investigate mods for the C1J block to accept Ph2 shafts?
5. ???

I guess the other question to ask is how much power/torque the Ph1 (or Ph2 for that matter) shafts can take? The engine will put out about 250hp/250ftlb.