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Piccies of new 172.......


down here is deepest darkest devon :) also known as the BBQ Capital of the Known World :D

note the nice dartmoor weather in the 3rd piccy ! ;)


  Audi TT Stronic

Nice car dude, Me like a lot...

Silver is the best colour for a 172, not that I am biased or anything ;)
  Silver Fabia vRS

Blue is the rarest!

And I can confirm that Steve (Kheldar) is the BBQ King...if you need any advice then he is the man to ask!

lol geoff, u r not wrong :D

next planned bbq.......Xmas Day :D before maybe if the wevver is good enough down here.

pretty sure the cup blue is only available on the Cup......the standard 172 blue is darker than the cup ?

black is best.

is it me or does the last pics make teh front look like a CTR!?

silver is the best, you can see the hides stuff.
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Black is the fastest, I believe this thread has been done before and due to Thermo Dynamics (I think) black cars will always be faster than lighter coloured cars.

Black cars attact more heat making them run hotter and slower, therefore it must mean that the silver ones are faster :) (or some other bollox)

black is best.

black is fastest

:D :D

agree on the clear side repeaters.......where can they be sourced from ?

website address ?

ive got smoked side repeaters from ktec. they look amazing next to the black. Means the orange bulb dosent matter either.

Black is the nicest likes, however the iceberg silver on the 172 does look pretty nice, as does the red.

when i got my 1.2 it was either the black/red and i was tempted by that dark silver if you have seen that. looked pretty nice