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Picture Reqeust Please

Hi everyone,

Ive got a mk1 clio, and Im looking for modification and styling ideas, could you please show some pictures of your mint mk1s?


  A silver Honda

Quote: Originally posted by 16vClio on 02 March 2005
Do it darth, itd look mint mate!

Nah, everyones joining the darkside these days.

Bling turbines are where its at

Psycho - Is that your new car?

Yes Darth Oli, i know some dont believe in buying a pre modified car, but i really like it, and its in v good condition, no sign of rear arch rust :D

It goes really well with 82k miles. Still got a few of my own plans as i said above but really nothing much.

Will get some good pics up soon here and on RSC, the slushy snow here is a b*tch.