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Plastic Bit


  MKII Vee

Whats the purpose pf the little black sticky out plastic thingy halfway up the front windows ??
  Clio v6

No Idea what it is, maybe its a little sticky out black plastic thing.



ClioSport Club Member
  Golf GTi DSG

Ive got a plastic bit sticking out the seal that runs around the front window. Mines a 1.4RT 95, dunno what it does though!! I aint got a temp gauage inside!


  MKII Vee

Ive got a Phase 2 16v. I think its supposed to stop water running in, but it doesnt work, the water just drips of it onto the arm rest.

The little black thing that you are referring to is to help release the window seal that runs around the inside of the door.

when youre doing a ton with the windows down slightly you may notice that they shake rather alot - the black plastic bit is (as stated) a guide to stop it popping out when you do it up. :D