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PowerStation RR

I know there was a Rolling Road day down at PowerStation a while back, I was just wanting to know what you guys thought of it, as Im intending to go down on friday for a SuperChip serial reprogramming, and Im booked in for an RR session before and after to give me a good solid indication of improvement. So any feelings/thoughts on this place?

And if anyone wants to tag along for an RR, I would think they might be able to fit a couple in maybe :)
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make sure you get the at the wheels figures, and not the calculated flywheel figures

Cheltenham, booked in for about 13:30, gotta nip into Brum first to get my reg swapped over, then take a trip down, wana come for the ride matey?

If your car is running lean it will have a greater chance that it will det, but the best way of seeing how it runs is to check the deposites on the backbox, it should be quite sooty if its running rich (how you want it to)


""thats a good question, how do you actually tell if its running lean on an RR output?""

you wont see it on an printout (unless someone adds a remark to it : "was running lean" :) )

They just should put an AFR or EGT probe... if they dont intend to do it themselves kindly ask..
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They take the Co2 levels, at least thats what Power Engineering did. Make sure before you go that they can do this otherwise you may not know until its too late as not all RRoads can do this. The one I went to last week say they can unscrew the Lambda and put their own in to read the levels but he said that over 3000rpm Lambda doesnt operate. So.....if the engine is breathing "more easy" then I guess its the map that is in the ECU that takes over, hence running lean, which is why it needs chipping.

Enter the Captain.......

Is it a custom remap of the ECU or their "off the shelf" remap? Also how much including the RRoading are they charging?....if you dont mind me asking?....I am putting my Viper on this week so it looks like I could be heading for the same work.PM me if you want.


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roamer m8 i live like 18 miles from cheltenham but dont know where powerstation is. how much is it for the rr???


and where is powerstation and do they do all sort of mods like bodykits etc???

and would u mind me tagging along or if not ill come and say hello :)

Sorry MaLicE, hadnt forgotten your post, Im just now stuck in the middle, cos Ive just had a word with the guy down at Power Engineering, and he sounded a bit more confindent about what he could do to the car to get it spot on, so..... Anyone got any thoughts on who to go for for the RR and Superchipin? either PowerStation or Power Engineering? anyone had superchips work at either? opinions needed!

Hi Guys..

ALL rrs should have access to exhaust gas analysers.. (the pipe they stick in yer exhaust) - it is a VITAL part of RR tuning or reading.

I really cannot see that any would operate without this vital tool.

re lambda sensors.

Lambda sensors in common use are only accurate around Stoich (Lamda 1) - they are used as an economy / emissions device. the Air/Fuel ratio at WOT (Wide Open Throttle) is dependent on the ecu settings and the lambda is not used at all due to inability to scale to the far richer requirement and innacuracies at anywhere away from Lambda1 - normal lambda is about 14.7:1 and its only around that are that they are accurate and repeatable.. on WOT you will be - or should be - running round about 12.5:1-13:1 which the std sensor is not capable of reading, thats why its not used. - and, thats why led fuel / air meters are generally useless for power readings. ;)

Simply ask them if they will give you an exhaust gas readout at full power, they will, I am sure..

Right, after some more talking to the guys, Ive optd to go for Power Engineering, basically I think they can do a more custom job of remapping the ecu, instead of a standard superchip mapping, getting it as spot on as it can be, RR before and after obviously, so hopefully Ill put the printouts up (If they aint too embarrassing) on friday night.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

When Cliosport had the Rolling Road 2 day a while back, alot of their @tw figures were quiet low, although the @tf were about right. It was a big topic talking point. You could ask Nick Read as he seemed to know what was going on.

Although if you test it before and after you will find out a percentage increase so what ever road you go on next you will know how much youve gained by working back the percentage increase from PE. I think :confused: ......I am probably talking rubbish tho.