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A car weighs 1500Kg and has a specific output of 170BHP/Tonne. Its Torque is 300NM

Car B is a 1600 16V weighs 850Kg and has a specific output of 106.2BHP/Litre. Its Torque is 150NM

Which ACCELERATES quicker? and what is the engine size of Car A?



Car B is quicker 200bhp per tonne!! i think? 199bhpish 164.16 bhp output

Car A is about 3200cc and produces 255bhp i think?

Car B = 200BHP/Tonne

Car A = 170BHP/Tonne

Car A = 300NM

Car B= 150NM

Ans: Car A accelerates quicker coz we all know its Torque that accelerates and BHP the ability to reach high speeds! Cant work out what capacity of A is!



assuming they had identical ratios and drive train

but in reality they wouldnt and car b would have shorter gearing than car a

making it quicker

Nearly got me then but you forgot the gearing!!!