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  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Does it dramatically change the premium if u get a quote on the day before your birthday and the actually day off your birthday. Im 19 and 20 i a few weeks but my quote is nearly £2000 because its a quick car and ive only been a named driver since i passed my test when i was 17.

Any1 know? Big help, thanks, Michael.

Well, it does.. cus if you take it out before ya bday.. yer a year younger.

When I rung.. I said "Start it as if its after my birthday".. (when I was getting quotes.. hehe)
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

So u changed ur date of birth to the day you were getting a quote or did you change the start date on the quote, because ive changed the start date on internet quote sites to after my birthday (3 weeks) and the premium is the same?

Ill change my date of birth so im 20 and try again, thanks for the help.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Do u have to send the paper part of your license off when u get insurance for the first time in your name, i think ive lost it altho got a photocopy somewhere?


I didnt.. just ring them, get quote.. ring back and accept..

They said "Your cover starts at 11:30".. which was in 5 mins time. Didnt have to send them anything.

The age wasnt an issue in the end.. cus by the time I got the car, it was well after my birthday.. hehe. But yea, being 19 was a lot different to being 20.

HI, I was just wondering the same thing! I am 21 at the end of this month and my insurance runs out on the 1st of June. Does any 1 know if being 21 rather than 20 will make any difference to my insurance? I have no NCB as I was in a crash :-( But I have no points/convictions.



It did for me.. when I was getting a quote from HIC on a Valver.. 19 -> 20.. he said "Oh, Ill put you down as if you are 20.. if you are taking insurance out after then!"

Quote: Originally posted by TheJesus on 17 May 2004

@ 21 it makes a big difference, did for me anyway
Yea.. more people consider ya too for high risk cars!

Loads of companies who give good quotes to people wouldnt quote me on the Williams.. some just said "Not a chance".. heh.
  300bhp MR2 Turbo

21 makes a difference, the thing that really makes a difference is NCB though.

My mates 21, got a 2 year old Golf GTi Turbo and pays £900 fully comp for the insurance.

4 years protected no claims will do wonders for that!

I how ever am 22 have 1 years no claims and an fault against me and I pay £900 third party fire theft on a 12 year old valver!