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Race tonight with 172 mk.2 and mk.1....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Off the lights twice: I was in front and he was behind first of all, i booted it in first all the way to 7600 rpm (handy!) and got a nice distance also in second pulled some more. Next lights: he pulled to my right, we had a quick chat and he says to me "what have you done to your car then!?" so i replied, just the group N stage one ecu upgrade, that seems to have raised the rev limiter and changed the torque band(?) he had 2 passengers in the car, i had 1. Lights went green, i booted it really really went for it: 7600rpm in first, 7600rpm in second 7600 in third and something large in 4th. I got a large distance away from him indeed! im not sure whether he gave up or what, but he was just getting further and further left behind (probably because of his extra passenger) but the added 400 rpm that my car can rev to certainly gives me an advantage! I could see him changing gears earlier etc, whilst i was still pulling away. My gearbox is totally shagged! pretty much every gear crunches now! oh dear.


Can you fit a double matress in sideways in your traffic? Im looking to turn one into a surfing wagon

Oh and my box crunches really badly from 2nd to 3rd and sometimes i cant get in for a few seconds!!! The noise from 3rd to 4th is a very muffled grind but still noticable

  CTR EK9 turbo

Great, another recurring problem amongst 172s. Mines going into the garage on the 1st August to get this fixed *hopefully!* - watch this space folks. They told me some seal has gone on the box, but im hoping theyll replace the gear box under warranty - hey maybe theyll put a close ratio box in it?!
  evo x rs

My trafic vans well small, I had it with fogs on in silver. Electric windows cd player etc.

Havent driven the clio for weeks.

Started having races with Merc vans and Transits instead.