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RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4


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  Golf 7.5R & Clio 200
For the last few years I have been lusting after 991.2 911C2S's. That was until @SharkyUK posted a thread about his Caymen GT4, a car that I didn't know that much about. I instantly fell for the aesthetics of the car, it's stunning. Lot's of googling later, I had a new target.

Fast forward a little and I saw the car in the flesh at CSF which reinforced the need to find my own.

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to view a Cayman GT4 in my ideal specification. Carbon Bucket seats from the 918 hyper car, clubsport package (roll cage etc), extended leather and more.

After many discussions with my wife, we decided to go for it. I am ridiculously excited.

More pictures to come at the weekend.


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That looks amazing. "What's the retail on one of those? More than you can afford pal..."
What spec etc?


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  Golf 7.5R & Clio 200
Full spec:

  1. 6 point harnesses (driver and passenger)
  2. PDSL (dynamic lights in black)
  3. Clubsport package (roll cage, fire extinguisher etc)
  4. Extended leather / alacantara to door cards and dash
  5. Larger fuel tank (64L)
  6. LWBS (carbon fibre light weight bucket seats from the 918)
  7. Brushed aluminium anthracite interior trim
  8. Online services (no idea)
  9. PCM (communication management)
  10. Rear wing supports in black
  11. Smoking package plus
  12. Arm rest with Porsche logo (I love this)
  13. Telephone module
  14. Wheels in satin black (I may re-do these, not sold on satin)
I didn't take any interior pictures (well, one from outside the car, but it's naff). Collecting Saturday!


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What a car! I had been broaching Cayman conversations with my wife recently. It’s my 40th next year.... apparently I have to suffer ‘That silver piece of s**t you keep spending money on’ until such time as the kitchen and loft conversion is finished...f**k my life


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  Whichever has fuel
That is absolutely heroic!! Great cars!

I drive one for 7-ish hours and I genuinely didn’t want to get out of it. Bravo sir, bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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Very very very very very nice!

Am I alone in thinking the larger fuel tank is slightly at odds with the cage, extinguisher, carbon seats, harnesses etc. track specced items?

Or would you spec that so you can do a whole trackday without refuelling? Seems odd to me that with all the track items you'd give yourself an enormous fuel tank and all that additional weight.
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That was until @SharkyUK posted a thread about his Caymen GT4, a car that I didn't know that much about. I instantly fell for the aesthetics of the car, it's stunning. Lot's of googling later, I had a new target.
:LOL: :ROFLMAO: Has your wife forgiven me yet? Of course she has... she probably loves the GT4 as much as you do! ;)

Congratulations mate - I had a feeling you'd opt for the GT4 once you'd had chance to get a bit 'hands-on' and experience it. It truly is a special car, and will only continue to impress and deliver as you put the miles on it (don't be scared to put the miles on it either!!!!) It's a great spec, and a great colour. I'm not a fan of dark wheels on this colour as I think a lighter colour to provide a bit of contrast really makes the paintwork jump out even more. That's the only 'negative' thing I have to say... :p

Ignore the b****cks about the long gears, etc., etc. Yes - the gears are long but there's enough flexibility and performance to enjoy the engine and gearbox out of the optimum rev range sweetspot. As for those moments when you can use it in the sweetspot... well... :love:

I look forward to catching up with you for a meet soon. Probably spring now as I can't see Wales being let out of lockdown this side of Christmas and the tyres on the GT4 aren't great at this time of year.

Again - a massive congratulations and bloody enjoy it mate. Well deserved. (y)


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  172-E92 M3-ZT V8
Truly epic purchase. One of only a handful of cars i would sell the M3 for. Saw a Guards Red one at Caffeine & Machine again last Sunday and i think i would rather have it than a PDK GT3. Very jealous - enjoy it


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Love it, though your pictures suck 🤣

Probably the most desirable Porsche you can buy at the moment. The 911 just seems to get bigger, more complex and, dare I say it, uglier. These are just spot-on though.

neil a

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Very nice spec I'm sure you will love it .

The logo on the arm rest is the one option i really wish my car had .
Very good. I know you’ve always appreciated Caymans, so very pleased to see that you’ve ticked the box in such a spectacular way! Enjoy!
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