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S3 8p sportback 2+ Daily


ClioSport Club Member


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
I'm now booked in with rtech tuning for the back end of November for a lovely list of work to be done...

Inlet walnut blasted
Injectors cleaned and tested
Runner flap delete
Rs4 return valve
Sump removal with clean and new pickup pipe
Vis balance shaft delete freewheel

All this is to be carried out before rtech do there magic on the dyno!!

I'm also now saving up for a intercooler aswell to benefit for the extra power


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p

Post man bringing the goodies!

I managed to get the rs4 return valve, runner flap delete kit and vis balance shaft delete freewheel all together from someone changing there mind saving me just short of £100.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
Whats the benefit of the above?
The OEM fuel return valve opens at 130 bar and allows pressure to drop to 127 bar,then it starts building pressure back up again until it reaches 130 bar at which point the cycle is repeated.. The RS4 valve does not open until the pressure reaches 136 bar and allows the pressure to drop until it reaches 130 bar before it starts building the pressure back up.

The vis balance shaft delete frees up a few bhp and allows the engine to rev easier, also the balance shafts can seize aswell. I thought while the sump is off and being cleaned I may aswell get it fitted at the same time.

The runner flap delete kit removes the restrictve intake flappers from the intake manifold also these are plastic! Also seen as I'm pushing for closer to 400bhp just more beneficial aswell.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
Was hoping for a quick oil change but with my basic caveman tools I needed @Romanian Tyre Fitter to crack the sump plug with his breaker bar!


Nice and easy to do a service on these engines nothing obstructing underneath. While I was changing the oil and filter I fitted a new oem dip stick as I noticed the o ring was missing and a small crack on in the plastic handle!


I also decided to inspect and change the cam follower inside the hpfp.

Existing follower was only 5k old and showed hardly any wear on the surface which is good to know as I've seen others wear alot more.


The Old one is on the left you can see a slight wear mark in the center compared to the new one on the right.

While the hpfp was off I checked on the cam lobe for wear and there is slight wear marks but nothing too drastic!




ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
New filter day decided to replace the ram air filter as I was unsure how long it had been fitted to the car and the foam was slightly rubbing on the headlight adjuster.

Purchased the new style proram filter with the velocity stack to fit the oversized induction kit.


Similar size in width and height. The proram looks longer but realised I needed to remove the piece of 90mm pipe they sent attached.


Looks miles better fitted compared to the old style filter.


I reckon the engine bay needs a little tlc this weekend.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
The cars now got a fresh mot with a few small advisories.


I've purchased a full set of h&r lowering springs as it was only £60 different from buying 2 rear oem springs so more lows why not!


I'll get the ball joint sorted at the same time along with 4 wheel alignment!

I'm hoping to get it all done by the end of the month as I've got a week in Wales.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi s3 8p
The Car was collected this evening after having h&r lowering springs fitted which make the car sit nicely now.

Unfortunately like an idiot I forgot to get a close up pic of before with standard springs so this will have to do!

And now with the 20mm drop...


I wasn't looking for a big drop in mm so the minimum I could have was 20mm.

Next on the list is a new set of alloys when I can find some in stock!! And maybe a big brake kit 🤔