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slight rattle sound from passenger door area.

Anyone help me here?.I have a slight kind of rattle coming from the passenger door area i think.Anyone else experienced this.Sounds slightly metallic to me wondering if its anything common.

i too have the squeeky rattle..

sounds a bit like a cricket chirping...

mine sounds more like its coming from around the door column i.e where the seatbelt adjuster is...

I have the chirpy sound.. It seems to be the bit of trim that runs up the side of the window (b-pillar side) It doesnt fit flush at the bottom, the bit where the door pin would be.
If you hit it back down it shuts up for a bit!! The driver side is flush and doesnt squeek. A guy at Renault has a 172 where the same bit of trim sticks up, probably a batch that got through quality control!
Oh, and i have a squeek at the bottom of the A pillar, passenger side also!!
I need a louder stereo...!

Have the same sound sometimes....again...its the inner trim at the passenger door cliping out of place...usually after a bumpy ride of if someone slams the door....I just press it hard and it clicks back into place.

i have the same, just took it off and put it back on with more of that black glue stuff the manufacturers use.

Does this noise happen at certain revs??, I had a metallic sound at 4,000rpm. The dealer found that I had a blown cat converter and they are going to replace this for me.

The other thing to ask the garage to check is that the heat shield around the exhaust has not come loose. This can also cause a metallic sound at certain revs.

Hope this helps.