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Small Cheap 172 Mods

Having just got my 172 I do not want to do too much to it but I want to get some small mods, any ideas ? I was thinking of things like clear indicators or those silvervision bulbs ? Any good places to get these from ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah those were my first jobs - good luck getting those bulbs in its a tight fit under the bonnet! Dont forget bluevision sidelight bulbs too.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Ditto on Mike and JJ but also Richbrook tax disc holder.....and how could we forget....ClioSport stickers! All cheapish mods!

Excuse my ignorance but is a richbrook TD holder one of those nice Alloy jobbies like the ripspeed ones in Halfords? If so its the first stop you should make


Mav, yup - thats the one. I have done all the above now (expect my cliosport sticker is on my steering lock not car)
Next its going to be lowering i think.
  Silver Fabia vRS

QUOTE: my cliosport sticker is on my steering lock not car

Tony - You should be taken out and publicaly flogged then shot!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I think we might be getting Cliosport tax disc holders soon. Lowering is surprisingly cheap and very effective
  Ford Fiesta

ive got a richbrook black tax holder. look v smart better ythan the large yellow sunwin motors one as standard!! lol
a bit worred that come next year undoing the alan bolts without losng them down the air vents to cause rattles!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Viper stripes definitely. I just saw a red Metro with colour coded wiper arms, a sign that said Youve just been Metroed and bolt on roof spoiler and off-centre viper stripes. Wicked!

Geoff, should consider itselft very lucky. I really am not a sticker person and there are NO stickers on my car or inside it (except for the on the lock)


  Shiny red R32

Like you Tony, I am not a sticker person and the only sticker I have is my tax disc.

How can I get the garage sticker off the back window without leaving sh*te all over the window ? Tried to get it off and it does not seems to want to come, anything I can get to help ?

Also, got a small piece of backing tape on my rear view too, doing my head in now, any ideas ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Warm the sticker with a hairdryer. This melts the glue and then you can peel it off. You can buy sticky stuff remover from Halfords if theres any resudue, but de-icer will often do the job just as well.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey, why not get a "blow pipe" from Les Smith. Ive seen loads of cool cars with this mod, and itd look great bolted onto the original exhaust to give it that racy look. If you blip the throttle, they make your exhaust note sound like a pig snorting!


Rather than go to the hassle of using a hairdryer just peel it off, starting in one corner, really slow, keeping at a 90 degree angle and dont stop once started.

Then you dont get any sticky stuff left behind to clean up. Also helps if its not to warm

Mav mate your just making the job so much harder.
simply warming the sticker, then peeling it off all at once, some times a credit card helps to get the peeling under way. then it peels right off leaving nothing. you of course have to give it a clean, but u dont have to rub off horrible bits of glue. its such a simple job, one of the first things i ever done to my car actually.

Yes, no ELF sticker !!!
The worst stickers for me to get off was those bloody ones they put on the sun visors things. They were really stuck on big time.

Im with TonyKL on the sticker front

Id only had my car an hour and I removed:-
* garage sticker on rear window
* ELF sticker on rear window
* alarm stickers on side windows
* tacky garage tax disc holder

Either white spirit or furniture polish (spray on, leave to soak, then wipe off) will easily remove any sticky residue (oooeerr, missus!)


Next job is to remove the boot badges...

I have been too busy driving it to take off the stickers but I will do this 2nite I think, I dont like window stickers but the boot badges are very nice I think !

Hmm, Im not one for loads of badges on my car - the more understated the better, IMHO

I know its been mentioned before, but I do find people try to race you more as soon as they spot the sport badge etc.

why do all u 172 owners get black? the fact you paid so much more than say the dynamquie id want a totally unique car. the cool silver or purple 172s stand out alot more than the black ones. it seems every clio, even bog standard ones are black these days. just an oberservation


Well, personally, I think black and titanium are the two best colours for the 172. Its all down to personal preference.

Just an observation

CJ, purple 172 ? R u sure ?

As for having a different colour to standard Clios, I reckon they look a lot different anyway and also, that 2ltr lump under the bonnet is all I need to be different to be honest !

I really wanted a black 172 after having a black Clio before and now that I have it I am very happy. All of the 172 colours look stunning mind you and if I was to pick out a colour out of a hat then I would have been happy with whatever colour came out (as long as it was black ! Naaaaaa, just kidding !)
  Ford Fiesta

the dynamique blacks are exactly the same paint codes as the 172 black.

also I agree on the sticker front to an extent. BUT the elf sticker is part of Renault and part of the car so I kept it. Keep the car model badges you should be proud of the car not trying to disguse it.
Why remove the visor airbag warnings they are doing a job ditto for the alarm ones.
I travelled an hour to a renault garage to buy 2 cat 1 renault window stickers when I ordered my car cos the standard ones say cat 2 and I had upgraded to cat 1 but the renault garage where I got the car couldnt get the cat1 ones so I got them myself and put them on straight unlike most standard ones which are bent.

Bradfordlad - IMHO I cant stand stickers on my car so I dont subscribe to the "Keep the car model badges you should be proud of the car not trying to disguse it". Each to their own!