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Small Spring Pans

I want to get new shocks and springs for my clio, but is says to check if it has small spring pans. How will i know if i have small spring pans?


small spring pans? sounds like a visit to your gp might be advisable! lol.

Im afraid I dont even know what a spring pan actually is so I cant help you mate! But as far as Im aware all mk1 Clios have the same setup (apart form valver/willy) and all mk2s do as well (apart from diesels, 16v/172 models (and v6 obviously!).) so you shouldnt really have to check anything. Plus, if you give the model and reg. date, any decent dealer should be able to order the correct part number for your car, and if they make a mistake they should exchange it for you so I wouldnt worry too much.