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Speaker recommendations please



Crystal? ive got some cheapo ones in mine that sound nice.

[Edited by Tom on 27 May 2005 at 1:01pm]

Might want to double the budget and add a bit tho (whoops)

if you can stretch to 70 have a look at the vibe s50 kevlar if not, go for the mac audio premium 2 130

works out about the same as buying them from an online dealer when you account for the p&p, plus you only get a 21 day warranty with fluid ice
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While we are on this subject, I am looking to fit 2 - 6x9s on the parcel shelf. Was wondering can you simply connect the 6x9s to the rear speakers in the door cards? Or can this cause problems?
  Clio V6 255

lol, a decent setup with front components, sub, and rear coaxials (for acoustic purposes - personal preference!) means you should NEVER need to use 6x9s.

Ive just gone for a set of Boston Pro 50s at £250 because i know ill regret putting a nasty set of pioneers in.

boston are a very good manufacturer, i have a 8" sub sitting on my bedrom floor from my old car, the magnet is absolutely huge and construction is excellent