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Sports seats rubbing on lumbar support

Has anyone had this problem with the seat material rubbing? Am going to take it to Gordon Lamb Renault where I bought it, just wondered if anyone else had complained and what they had said at the dealers. Only done 10400 miles since May 2001!!

Cheers chaps!


  182 Arctic Blue

I have seen a few posts with this problem before so your not alone... Dont accept anything other than a replacement under warranty.



I had a similar problem on my dynamique which is the same cloth. It rubbed around the headrest. They did replace the whole top section of the seat. This was could clearly seen on both seats and the fabric sprayed. This was under 10000miles and car was about six months old. You could see this was a design flaw as the could pull the fabric right back until youu could see the hole for around the headrest. Thankfully this does not appear to be the case on my extreme(different interior).