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Stefans Lupo Gti


ClioSport Club Member

So I purchased this lupo gti on 3rd October 2020, I happened to just be browsing autotrader/pistonheads/ebay for cars like you do when you're bored, always kept my eye on lupo gti's as they don't often come on the market.

So fast forward I happen to see this one come up, was very much an impulse buy what with already having the 182 trophy.

Spec of the lupo is

uk car
6 speed
Air con
Cloth Interior
52k miles
Janspeed exhaust
Brand new mats in the boot

Went to go see the car with @Ash J did a deal and drove it home this being my 3rd lupo gti now, first with the cloth Interior which is my favourite, the leather tends to age badly and sag..

Like any car though its not without its faults, some I knew about, couple I didn't. But that's always the way when buying second hand cars.. 🙄 Il get onto those in abit, firstly some pictures











Will update more in abit



ClioSport Club Member
So going in from last post, the lupo had a couple of niggles I wanted to sort out..

The car came with a coin holder that wouldn't close and the previous chap used it connect his phone to play music through, wasn't for me so replaced with another cup holder..



Next was a tempermental drivers window switch, I knew about these two issues..

So bought two new switches which solved the issue 👌


Next was the cd player wouldn't light up or play cds, tried taking it out and seeing what the prob was but couldn't get it to work, looked on eBay and bought another for just £20



I cleaned the car and put on the new clean plates which you see in the pics in the first post, tidies it up imo.

Only issue I have left is the windscreen washer not working, the headlight washers work, checked fuse, seemed ok so will book it in with jkm soon.

Work has slightly changed since buying the lupo typically, so I will keep both the lupo and trophy for now but one will have to make way in the coming months being self employed, I need a new van (starting out on my own) and moving in with the gf means freeing up some money.

Anyway I will update as and when I do more

Ash J

ClioSport Club Member
  182 Trophy #368
Nice work mate.

Do love these rare little beasts, bags of character.

Can vouch for this one being immaculate having seen it.

Shame you have to sell either the Lupo or Trophy in near future, but know the feeling when needs must.

Look forward to updates (y)


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
looks great, cool little cars these. i remember chasing one through an industrial estate in my williams years ago on the way to work and being shocked at how quick and agile it was.


ClioSport Club Member
So moving forward, with the car only really being used summer/good weather and in a garage when not in use I decided to put the new mats in, gave the car a hoover and is probably sacrilege to some putting them in, but I wanna enjoy the car and these lift the interior over the rubber mats albeit ideal for winter but not likely to see another winter in my ownership



Have purchased some parts for the car which I will update as and when they get fitted.

Cheers guys


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, ITB'd 172
I'd love one of these. How nervous do you get of the aluminium doors in car parks?


ClioSport Club Member
Someone reversed into the gti I had. Didnt want to go through insurance. The price of the new wing was a shock for them !


ClioSport Club Member
I wonder if dynamat ing the inside of the door skins would help them against the supermarket oafs?

I realise that'd defeat the object of the lightweight doors! Sorry...


ClioSport Club Member
So got round to getting the windscreen washers working again, turned out to be the motor.. Got the call from jkm that the car was all done.


Today I gave it a 'deep clean' since hadn't been done since start of November..

Two bucket
Auto finesse lather
Af Iron out
Af De tar
Maguires wheel cleaner
Af drying towel
Finished with af glisten

Also changed front and rear wipers to some new bosch ones.







ClioSport Club Member
  Rangie Sport, Alpina
Always liked these.

Love one on throttle bodies just to bwwwwaarrrrrrrrp about in.