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Stopped - My 1st Time

  Skoda Fabia vRS

jus been stopped, first time

i knew it would be for my exhaust cos its so damn loud, one of em actually thought i was a mechanic an had built the system myself hehe

basically let me off with a warnin, they saw me undertake a black cab :oops:, and said i was drawin attention to myself with my exhaust bein so loud

they seemed to start off quite harsh an then were quite nice after 30 seconds or so

i left my car runnin hehe, didnt know i had to turn the ignition off


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Ive been stopped 5 times (once in the 16v) and only one time was there actually a reason for it. (60 in a 30 at about 1:30am, went past some pigs parked up, only stopped me cos of the noise)


  Shiny red R32

They are only jealous because they didnt have such cool cars when they were young!

A young guy near me with a Golf GTi, used to get stopped regularly on his way home from college, for no reason at all. But he did used to add / change something on his car almost weekly and it got pretty noisy, so probably as you say, it drew attention to it. One time of being stopped, a youngish policeman was trying to sell him his own Golf GTi whilst looking around his engine / stereo etc.
  silver valver/hybrid

my bros mate had a wide arched nova in pearlecent purple with a loud exhaust, this guy is 24 about 53" and wears a baseball cap. in the last four years he has been pulled, over 200 times! the cops at the local station didnt even bother checking his details in the end cus they were sick of the sight of him!