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Sunday drive in Sydney !!

Hey mayte!!
Gday from Sydney!!! im Joseph off ozcliosport.. sorry i couldnt make it mate... it was my birtthday on the sunday.. and i was planning to go on the drive to celebrate!! but my friends took me out clubbing the night before and i couldnt not wake up on the sunday!! damn eyy..

Anywayz, i have to have a word with u mate.. firstly when i saw the pics of ure car.. i thought "f*cking hell i shoulda ordered a black one..." secondly.. were you the guy who got the powerchip installed?? i wanna know how well it works and if you can really feel the difference etc.. what are ure expected Kw, Nm figures?? also nice exhaust man.. serious... do you have any problems with it scraping driveways etc thou?? because i noticed u didnt fold up the rear bumper to fit them in...

Congrats on a fine ride man.. if u see me in syd please horn and wave.. im a flame read AJX **R. Come to think of it i might have seen u at night speeding down kissing point rd.. was that u??


B 8

  Black Mk2 172 [ B 8 ]

Hi Joseph,

When I had the powerchip installed and tested it for the first time I thought it made a big difference. But now Im starting to think is it just me wanting to believe it made a big difference because of its hefty price tag. I dont think kW or Nm increased by much but the throttle response is much better. I wish I did a before and after dyno reading though.

The Remus exhaust doesnt scrape at all. Just gotta becareful when I reverse park. Ill start worrying about humps and driveways when I lower it.

Well I hope this helped regarding the Powerchip. Till next time.


B 8

  Black Mk2 172 [ B 8 ]

The exhaust isnt as loud as i thought it would be, but it does have a nice deep racing sound to it, which doesnt annoy me while im driving long distances.
And power wise, i couldnt feel any increase in power.

Thats what im trying to say to these people man... the clio sport is already tuned to near max..... ide love to get 140kw out of it.... but i just dont think its possible....