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The Official Clio Maxim Thread (56k)

  Clio v6

Give it a few more years of driving and you wont need to light up your pedals, it will come naturally I promise.
  Punto/Clio GTT

16v wings i still gotta paint, repair n paint the back bumper, got a straight through pipe on the way then ill get the head ported!
  Punto/Clio GTT

:D mint, love ya rear lights. thats first time ive seen your engine bay, and youve given me an idea of where i can put my cold air feed now :D
  A silver Honda

Dunno really.

White dials, a steering wheel, gear knob.

I was thinking of maybe spraying the whole dash in satin black?
  A silver Honda

LOL not again!

Yeah, spraying the whole dash is a bit ambitious.

I like my bling, bling chromes badges!

very clean mate,
final yours is looking loads better now mate as well (youve done a good job since it was smacked)

i rekon all three cars there need somet doing to the bonnet. front ends on all looked really bare. maybie 16v bonnets?
nice instal Final_Maxim. and v clean everyone.
  Vee dub

Darth, that clio is lovely!

How much is it lowered by and what springs? Thats exactly the height i want my clio at.


(all those are very smart!)

Oli and Beatjunkie, those look very nice!!

lots of people do too much to Mk1s usually, but they both look spot on!

Oli, im loving those turbines chap!!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

nice to see some clios apart from 182 and 172s!

all looking very nice motors!

Yeah very nice guys! just wondered, how did you mount your amp final_maxim? is it just screws? sorry im being dumb!
  Trophy #473

Ph3s looking good guys, just noticed my bumper seems to be missing that little front splitter youve all got.

any of you guys coming to the brum meet at all?
  A silver Honda

It should be changed to The official Phase 3 thread lol.

Sweet car Phil.

Is that a laguna splitter on the front?
  A silver Honda

I like that, i might get one for the rear.

[Edited by Darth Oli on 2/3/2005 8:33:27 PM]

Pete, I think mines just a sport too lol.
  Vee dub

Darth, that clio is looking spot on on those turbines!

Such a good choice of wheel!

So is it worth me getting coilovers for the 1.2 or is it just springs i need?

Not really sure

  A silver Honda

Thanks fella.

I wouldnt mate, save the cash for your mint valver:cool:

The ride a bit harsh on the 55mm springs without uprated dampers, so i would just get some decent 35/40mm springs.

Ive heard Apex and Avo are quite good.