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The V8 Focus

yeah im no presenter lol.

Space in the engine bay is everywhere that is no use to me lol. Just seems like wherever I want to put something there’s something in the way, everywhere I don’t need something I have acres of space!

Lol steering arms are currently in the box under my bench full of “parts I need to fit” - I did say I wasn’t in a rush when I asked to have them made ?

Time is my biggest enemy as usual - filming doesn’t help either tbf
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Exhaust is almost finalised. Passenger side just needs shimmying to get out of the way of the heater matrix pipes. So that gives me an exhaust out to the cats which is enough for me to weld it all up and start it to see if I can get it to work


Good news is the manifold flange I have is a T3 so it makes for easy upgrades in the future ?

Tight in some places though! Holy moly


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I'd recommend having a compressor housing on both sides. Might make it difficult to hold boost pressure otherwise.
Front steer converted hubs

And 5 stud bolt pattern (114.something) on a strut/hub assembly that had a 4x10something


Just need to get some more nuts for the pins, drill 2 holes when they’re on the car and I’m happy with the location and the car will have 4 rolling wheels - 2 of which can steer ?
Wtf did you do with the sound at the end? Was well out of sync ??.
Is it? It seemed fine when it downloaded!

It’s a major flaw with the editor I’m using I think, I’ve noticed it a fair amount towards the end of the longer videos and I don’t know how to fix it.

I honestly think it might be the bitrate on my iPhone.

Just seen it ? properly fucked!

Cba to change it - like I said... critics can f**k off ?
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No defence here, I can't stand the bloke :D

It just gets murky with what's a certain car and what isn't when you get into big mods ;)