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has anyone had there clio stolen or attempted to be asking this as i just want to know how good the standard alarm is?

My alarm f**ked up some time ago and I havent got around to getting another fitted, wish I had as just the other day some little C***! had a go at braking in. It looked like he got in real easy, all he did was jam a screwdriver in next to the lock and prised it out and with a little twist it opens all doors! luckly nothing was taken(not even the stereo).

Ive booked it in the have a Clifford concept 300 fitted next week(£399).
  silver valver/hybrid

so far ive delocked the doors, and fitted a clifford concept 300 alarm. Never had any break ins (touch wood) also having the car sprayed soon (hopefully) and i might have the bootlock removed.

Ive had my window smashed twice, i either didnt hear the alarm or it didnt go off. Its supposed to be a Cat 1 (off a Laguna)

without trying to upset anyone i personally wouldnt touch a clifford, they are over rated and most of the features are just for pose value and a complete waste of time and money, we have had numerous cars in at work with alarm faults, and guess what, they have all been cliffords. Cobra and Toad we have never experienced problems with. but this is just in my experience

a bloke who had one lived near an ex missus of mine and was forever in and out at all hour of the evening and all she heard was ARMED etc from it, she got so annoyed she came close to putting a brick through his window, LOL

I had a clifford concept 300 fitted cause I though they had a good name but I agree with the above its rubbish. Had a few problems with starting that I think was down to the immobiliser. I know a lot of it is down to who installs it but considering i paid a premium for the name its lame. Apparantly they changed ownership a year or two ago and the new lot arent as bothered about warranties as the old.