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Vodafone contract loophole - possible

  Nissan 350z
This isnt 100% yet as Vodafone could still change their mind. But if things stay on course then as of June 1st a loophole will open and basically allow you to cancel early much in the same way as what happened to Orange.

In summary:

When I (and many others bought the phone) we were given the impression that the 500mb FUP would allow us to use the phones as and when we wanted.
It wouldn't matter if we used 700mb, 1GB now and again because for every "high user" there would be plenty of "low users" and nobody would care.
Now there is every chance that just using 550mb could see an extra £5 added on to your monthly bill.

This is an increase to my monthly bill of greater than 10%.
A detremental change to a contract should allow early get-out.

Ive since tethered my mobile to my laptop thanks to the "Vodafone Mobile Connect" software and started racking up the bandwidth.

When and If these charges come along i will have grounds to cancel. Watch this space really :)
  Nissan 350z
And if you can't cancel then you'll end up with a massive couple of bills and we'll all LOL.

Why wouldnt i be able to cancel? If they raise my bill by £5 for using 5Mb over the limit when my contract currently states their are no fees for going over 500Mb that in itself is grounds to cancel!

That would be an ideal situation.

Oh and heres the link to the Vodafone forums 1715+ reply topic on this subject *link*
I've just picked up on this as I've had a couple of the "500mb warning" texts this month already - I appear to have used 920mb of data in 20 days so clearly I've no hope of ever sticking to a 500mb limit, and will be massively screwed financially, well over the 10% they say they are allowed to increase your bills by.

Is anyone else on Vodafone and got the texts?

Oh, and Sargara - read your T&Cs - tethering will not count towards 'normal usage' AFAIK, therefore you might be best to just do lots of googlemaps and iPlayer...
  Bus w**ker
Surely if there is an FUP in place Voda will be covered in the T&Cs, much like every ISP. I'd be surprised if this was classed as a detrimental change to the contract, not saying it won't happen I just wouldn't hold your breath.


  Abarth 500
FUP is in the TS and CS

It also says we do not support your sim card being used in conjunction with a laptop/modem.

I suggest you read the t's and c's

+1 prepare yourself for a large bill next month lol
FUP has historically been in the T&Cs as Tethering and Peer-to-peer use only, with no specific set numerical limit. Now they have come out with this 500mb limit, above which is 'excessive use', which is completely unreasonable given the fact it is data-hungry smartphones that the web add on is being sold for.

They have said, and then contradicted themselves :rolleyes: that they are introducing these new charges as 'out of bundle' charges - but if they are 'out of bundle' then they are a change to the T&Cs signed up to, rather than just implementing FUP, and therefore should be giving 30 days notice to cancel, should the changes increase your bill by 10% or more (which is their T&Cs, although there is no 'official' increase value that is 'substantial').