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W Reg Clio RSI 1.6 16v modetc advice

  (W) Clio RSI 1.6 16v
Hi all,

well looking at getting my Clio RSI 1.6 16v (W reg) back on the roa. got an issue with the indicators atm that i'm sorting out.

its already been lowered ( i bought it like that 8 years ago, its been off the road but run regularly).

just after some sage advice about what i can do to it. is it worth putting cold feed induction on it etc.

i'm guessing there's not many of these around anymore.

any other advice would be great.

thanks in advance


ClioSport Club Member
There is or was a member on here called Oliver k4m or somthing like that who has done a bit of tuning to these engines.

I wouldn't put too much money into modding it, as you say not many about anymore I would look to keep it clean and tidy up any bits needing it and just enjoy it for what it is