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Warranty again....sorry.

I know this has been spoken about many times before and Ive checked all the previous posts but I need a bit of advice.

Ive got an imported mk1 172 registered 1 sept 2001. I contacted customer services about getting the warranty extended as many other people have done, just got an e-mail back saying this can only be done for imports registered from the start of 2002.

Has anybody else had this response or are they messing me about?

Any help would be great, or an e-mail">

  Megane R26

Hi Dave,

I have sent you a Jpeg of my letter from Renault, stating that all cars after 17th October 2000 are eligible for the 3 year warranty.

Hope this helps.



could you do me a favour and email me that same thing please -"> Thanks very much.
  Subaru Forrester

Hi Rick,

Sorry to be a pain, can you mail me a copy too? This will be very handy.">

Cheers, Ian

Does the apply to vehicles bought from Car Supermarkets - Trade-Sales & Motorpoint etc... ? If not, whats the situation with these ?

(apologies if this has already been covered somewhere else)



could i have a copy as well ?

im off work sick today and have time on my hands to see what i can (hopefully) get fixed under warranty assuming i still have warranty">

cheers in advance

cheers rick...

one question then for anyone / everyone, having read the letter;

my car has been serviced once, at 8,000 miles and it was by the "renault specialist" that had the car from new.

this garage used to be a renault dealership and is in fact going back to being one but aint at the moment.

does this mean i am scuppered ? or does being a renualt specialist count ? (im guessing not!!)

(the "service" book is therefore not stamped by a renault dealer)

any ideas folks ?


  Shiny red R32

Officially you can have your car serviced and repaired at any garage without it affecting the warranty, providing that Renault (or whatever the make) replacement parts are used. Obviously main dealers dont want you to know this, as they are losing out to dependable, honest garages, but I have a friend who owns a very busy, independent garage and they get every sort of car in to work on with warranties still intact.

Dealers often talk a load of rubbish, think back to their scare stories about imports being inferior to dealer cars and how they said that they depreciate so much quicker than the cars supplied by them! Losers!

Any chance of anyone sending me a copy of the JPEG as well, so that I can chase this up with Renault Customer Support.

Please mail to">

Many thanks,


Rick - youll get annoyed with this, please can I have a copy aswell. I am having grief from Renault and trade sales at the moment regarding the warranty.">

Thanks a lot
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Got my 3 years warranty confirmation letter the other day from Renault, including the warranty terms and conditions booklet.

Imported car from Motorpoint Derby.

Very happy.
  VW Potato

Chogg - what prob are you having. I got my 172 from Trade Sales as well. Are they giving you grief?

Rick - to save you sending the letter to everyone, could you save it as a PDF or something that we could access. I feel guilty asking you to send it to me as well. Although Id be happy if you did :)


Scudetto - They sold me a third year warranty saying my car only had a two year warranty. People on here reckon it has a three year warranty as standard so I have mailed Renault who arent replying. Trade Sales are still saying it only has a two year warranty. I guess I need to get some proof so I can take it further and get my money back if I am entitled to a three year warranty.

No probs with the car though..........had it three months and I still have a big grin on my face every time I drive it :D:D
  VW Potato

Cheers Chogg

My car was made in June 2001, bought May 2002, but Trade Monkeys sold me a warranty on the understanding the car had one years warranty...Im now so confused I don t know which way is up! :)



  Shiny red R32


When I bought my car in January of this year, I was told that new Renaults registered from January 2002 all came with a three year warranty.

I reckon that letter from Renault that Rick has should clear it all up. I got mine in July 2002 (registered 1st July, bought 5th July). They had loads of 172s at that time and a few (around 4 of them) were a couple of hundred pounds cheaper. The reason they said was that they only had six months warranty on them. I went for the more expensive 2 year warranty models. With light of the above, I am also confused.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

You definately get three years warranty on ALL imports, I have written confirmation of this. Renault have never denied this to me and processed my request within 12 weeks as they said they would. I almost bought an extra two years warranty in July when I bought mine from Motorpoint, but contacted Renault first who informed me that they gave a three year warranty, I contacted Motorpoint who were fine about it.
  FRS Mk3 Red edition


any chance of the jpeg so i can contact renault for the third year warranty as i have sold the 172 but it is going to the girlfriend so iwould like her to have the three year warranty.">

Below is an email I just received from Renault UK. It says that to obtain the extra two years warranty you have to send certain documents to Renault UK, slightly different to the letter Rick got which said you had to take the same documents to the Renault dealers when you had work done. If anyone is interested their email address is;">

Dear Mr Hogg

Thank you for your recent email.

I can advise you that Renault operates a one-year worldwide manufacturers

warranty. This means that a customer can purchase a vehicle anywhere in

the world and have work carried out (under the manufacturers one year

warranty) in another country. Imported vehicles purchased from 2002

onwards are eligible for a two year unlimited mileage warranty.

However, vehicles purchased from 17th October 2000 onwards from within the

EU can apply to extend this period to cover the vehicle for three years or

60k miles, whichever comes first.

In order to obtain this three year / 60k mile warranty the following

information should be sent to our Customer Services Department:

1.. Original invoice / bill of sale confirming date of sale after 17

October 2000.

2. Copy of inside page of Service Book (the book for servicing stamps) -

showing vehicle details and official stamp.

3. UK registration document

4. Copy of a utility bill confirming owner and UK address

Renault UK Limited

The Rivers Office Park

Denham Way

Maple Cross





Anna Hurley

Renault Customer Services

Sent all the necessary docs about 4-5 weeks ago, got a letter back yesterday from Renault UK confirming I had 2 years manufacturers and 1 years dealership warrenty and a warrenty booklet, but no roadside assistance as it was an import. Didnt contact Renault. Just sent off the documents with a covering letter.

Sorry to bring this up again.

Im about to send off my documents and just have one last question. Do I need to send the original registration document, utility bill and invoice, or can I send photocopies?


  Shiny red R32


If I were you I, wouldnt send any original documents through the post, as a huge number go missing. You are probably better to send photocopies and if someone insists that original documents are to be sent, just make sure that you take photocopies before posting your originals.

Better to be safe than sorry!