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was in a 5 car smash yesterday..........

  mk2 172

feel like an old man at the minute, was on me way back from reading with me boss(he was driving) in the outside lane of the M1 at, it was pissing it down and we were doing about 70 and all the cars in front slammed on for one reason or another, so did we, we stopped a and ended up approx 2 metres from the car in front, i said wait for it cos i thought the car behind might not stop in time cos he was very close, nothing happened then we heard a very loud smash, quickly followed by us being hit from behind by what felt like a train, lauched us back the forwards into are seats, this pushed our van into the car in front, then a last car hit the back of the pack. our van is a write off, as is at least two other cars, one being an expensive looking beemer that was launched into us, infacr the van arse end is the same shape as the beemers front.

so im feeling a bit sh*t, been to hospital ast night and this morning, infact went about six this morning so i had to drive, had to rotate like dr evil cos my neck is a tad sore.

just thought id share my misfortune with ya!

(still attending meet if peeps are coming!)


sorry to hear that sounds pretty bad, I always try to drive more carefully when its wet and I worry sometimes that my 172 has much better brakes than the crap car just off your bumper on the m/w. Just to add I wont be able to make it today as im fitting my new Alpine HU.

Sorry to hear that mate, hope you are many bloody idiots on the roads nowadays, seems like to have to drive for other people aswell, at least it wasnt your clio that was written off
  mk2 172

cheers peeps, i had a feeling it was gonna happen, thing is i think iv got a motorway phobia now, when we were taken hope i found my self clinging to the seat when we slowed down incase someone ploughed into us, just goes to show that mat is spot on with what he says, some peoples brakes are sh*t and they should drive to suite there cars ability. another reminder how tailgating is dangerous, especially in bad condtions. and maybe next meet eh mat.


yeh isnt it strange when u have that "feeling" n it happens... it happened to met last year some w**ker didnt have any brake lights stopped right on the motoway... i kind of had a feelin i would have an accident that day before i set out ahah n strangely enough my gf had a dream that nite that i would have a crash as well..... luckly it was my Golf hehehe .. it needed a few stone chippin done anyway (the damage was from the trailor tow) punture my radior kind of went into a V shape n smashed the grill n the bonnet was screwed from absorption of the impact..... but hey insurance paid out but damn now my clio sport is runnin on bad premium

Why did you claim cyue? If the person you hit didnt have any brake lights, then clearly there car was not fit to be on the road. Surely its not the fault of the driver behind in that situation?


Oh and bad luck craggy. Hope you recover soon.

But remember the highway code. If you have tailgaters, phone steve If you have tailgater put on your brakes to increase the distance from you and the car infront. So you dont have to brake as hard in an accident. And the person behind you has a greater chance of stopping. Then when you have stopped, you get out and beat the guy with his cigrette lighter, untill he appologises and offers to pay for himself to have colonic irrigation.


Oh man, sorry to hear about that. I saw the post topic an thought the worst for your Williams.

Especially if its reaining, I just stick to the inside lane and leave absolutely loads of room between cars.
  mk2 172

thanks again for the kind replies, but remember i wasnt driving, my gaffer was, and as for the breaking thing mate people are two stupid and ignorant, your average motorway idiot will happily slam on his brakes every ten seconds 2 yards behind you when he sees your lights instead of maintaining a safe distance.


......And you find if you leave anymore than a 2cm gap from the car infront some iggnorant t**ser will force their way into it. I hate driving on the motorway now, i used to love it but i use it for work every morning and evening. Why do i always get stuck behind the brake pedal dancer that seems to press his brake in time with his music or something................

Craggy sorry to hear about you, i really hope you get better soon, even though i guess your motorway phobia might take a little while longer to fix............dont put it off though cos the longer you leave it the worse it gets........



  Shiny red R32


I am very sorry to hear that you have been in a smash but pleased to know that you are OK. It just shows us all how quickly these incidents can happen and how important is is to keep a safe distance.

Hope you will soon be back to the old (not literally) fit Craggy.

If I was closer to you I would give you some of my Tender Loving Care!! ;)


Good on yer Craggy, glad u r ok m8..

Some wonder why I scorn on the idiots that say they cruise at 120 on the motorway.....

Fcukin morons mostly....

Good job you werent hurt too bad, chap, thats the main issue. If your neck is sore, get it checked out by a chiropractor. Better be safe than sorry!

cmon Pilles ;)lol.. a sore neck is worth at LEAST 250 quid a day !!:D.. go for it Craggy dood...

I mean it.. just get the soft cervical collar out

(And NO Chevvyboy Ken dood,.. thats got nothing to do with the female genitalia.................. :D)

  mk2 172

im blushing GR:oops:, think from now on myself on the motorway im gonna be a lot strichter on breaking distance after that first hand experience of what it can cause. the hospital said iv got a case of the whiplash in the old neck. apparently it can take three months or more to get better:eek:. again thanks people.

"If I was closer to you I would give you some of my Tender Loving Care!! ;)"

GR.. OFFICIALLY .. my agent is going to contact your solicitor... that was a PRIVATE agreement... Sheeeeeeeeesh....:confused:

Craggy, 3 months ??? .... hmmmmmmm... average 30.6 days per month, at 250 a day.... = £22,950....

however, they tend to stop at 5k values.. so go for 5k, 10k .. or 15k....

let them know its "REALLY SORE" .............
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Sh1t thats bad news mate! Glad your ok!

Coming home from work last night I was crawling down 6 junctions on the M1. The tart in the Fiat behind was getting very close at times and braking quite late considering it was raining. I spend most of my journey looking in the rear view mirror. And the huge gap I left in front in case i needed to speed up kept getting taken up by nob heads un-neadingly changin lanes all the time! Im always paranoid about that sort of thing as it can happen so easily!

Sorry to hear about the "incident". Hope U R not too sore.

As Joe says, if U have been hit from behind , make the most money U can!!!!!. There is no way anyone who hits U that way can claim any other fault, other than themselfs.

Craggy, take care and as the Americans would say "SUE THEIR ASS"

Anyway, best no one is seriously hurt.

Regards, Mark
  Clio 1.6 16V

Hope youre ok Craggy. I know what you have gone through. I experienced a similar experience a few years back on the A7 Autoban in Germanland. I was a passenger in ,my mates 6 month old crappy Rover and was hit from behind by one of those old Daimler Benz German tanks. Impact was such that my seat frame bent right back onto the back seat, pushing us right up against the central crash barrier. None of the doors opened due to compression on the car so we had to crawl out through the drivers window! Complete write off. I felt not too bad for the first few hours but then discovered muscles I never knew I had. Feel for you mate. Take it easy ;)


  Shiny red R32

Yes Craggy, just you get some whiplash money from the other insurance company, it is the in thing to do.

Apparently, most whiplash is caused through the majority of drivers not having their headrests in the correct position, so that in the case of being hit from behind, the headrest doesnt protect us as it should.

Whiplash is also one of the most common injuries is car accidents. It can be very hard to prove that you havent got whiplash and because of this it is, as GR said, the in thing to claim for - and one of the reasons our insurance premiums keep rising.

I believe that in alot of countries that dont have this sue for all you can/blame culture there is actually no such recognised injury as whiplash. Tells a story doesnt it!

That said, bad luck Craggy, hope the neck isnt too bad & seeing as how it has happened, you may as well make the most of it!


Was driving on the M4 in the rain last night. Standing water everywhere, so I was keeping to 50-60mph as the "new" phase 2 wheels Ive got on have got bald tyres until Lofty sorts me out!

Anyway, I was so surprised at the number of idiots driving at over a ton in the wet. There was hardly anyone else around, so it was on themselves that they were endangering. But if you drive at those speeds, with standing water around, you will at some stage crash.

"cmon Pilles ;)lol.. a sore neck is worth at LEAST 250 quid a day !!:D.. go for it Craggy dood...
I mean it.. just get the soft cervical collar out "

I am not sure what you are implying. I was recommending Craggy to see someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to functional spinal injuries. A soft collar should only be worn for maximally a week, followed by early mobilisation to prevent undue and biomechanically adverse scar tissue build up. Functional changes are extremely common after even "mild" whiplash injuries, and can and often do lead to long term disability unless they are managed adequately. Some studies have shown a 25% increase in degenerative joint disease 7 years after whiplash trauma.

The forces that develop in the head are 2-2.5 times that of the struck vehicle.One study showed acceleration forces of 40-50 G( thats right ), and tractional forces of 1600-2000 Newtons( 330-440lbs ) at the first cervical vertebra during impacts of 10 mph. How fast was the car behind you travelling, Craggy?

A car that is struck with the force of 12 G generates a horizontal acceleration of 50 G for about 40 milliseconds.

Needless to say, there is usually a need for a more thorough evaluation than just putting the patient in a soft collar and sending them home.

The reason I recommend Craggy to see a chiropractor is that I am concerned for his welfare, and would rather rule out and PROPERLY manage any possibly traumatised areas rather than taking the usual "wait and see" approach of the NHS in this country, something that is not supported by any form of evidence whatsoever.

Having been a specialist and senior clinician in the UKs largest multidisciplinary Orthopaedic Clinic for many years, this area is one of the few I am good in, and the advice I give is not for financial reasons, but simply for the welfare of people.