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What car to get

My bird is still searching for a car. As i tend to drive most of her cars alot then i want it to be something which aint to slow or boring. Also she is 19 with 6 points and no-no claims so it has to be cheap on insurance. She only wants to spend 5k

The shortlist is:

Pug 106 quicksilver

Pug 306 xsi

Corsa GSI

Any other idears anyone?



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Corsa?????? Ummm, Id say no to the Corsa, basically a new Nova boy racer car.

106 quicksilver arent rapid really, arent they 9-10 seconds to 60?
Fiesta zetec S is about 10 seconds as well I think.
Pug 306XSI around 9 seconds?

Personally Id got for the Fiesta, supposed to have really good handling and built a lot better then its French counterparts.

Insurance group 8 for the Zetec S, if thats ok go for it, I had a 1.4 Zetec (89 bhp massive I know) was one of the best handling cars i have ever driven!

I have got a Zetec s (used to own a clio) and it is a brillant handling car, 0-60 is supposed to 10 secs but it would be alot quicker if you didnt have to change at 57mph into 3rd.

On country roads it is a blast and will keep up with larger cars

The fiesta is a little out of her price range as they seem to start at 6k!!

The pug quicksilver looks nice but lacks performance but her quote is £800ish

The Corsa is my favourate as i rate the GSI (Only the GSIs) Quote is £1200ish

The Pug is supprisingly cheap on insurance considering its 2l, Quote is £1100ish.

The only clio in her price range worth getting is the valver but she has seen how much mine has cost her is the last yr and so is put off. Cars such as the corsa is cheap to run as well!!

Also she aint modding and the Pug and Quicksilver are dying out for wheels where as the GSI looks nice as standard.

Im with Hugo on this one Daz, 106 aint bad, but fiesta is so fluid, bit like a big Go-Kart :devilish:

Bigger throttal bodie, cams and panel filter will net you around 115-125 Bhp, depends what cams you go for. Was a company doing a supercharger for them. Gave it 145bhp!

Not that i am aware of Van AAken are doing a turbo conversion for £2000 that pushes up to 140ish BHP, about the same as going down head and cams route.

Prism motorsports also do a turbo that puts 160bhp out but that silly money.

Quote: Originally posted by klmillard on 17 March 2003

Sorry my b**ch, i mean lady!!
LOL!!! ;) The z tec sport is a good car, my mum has one (W REG from new) and shes had no problems with it, nice to drive to. But the 106 quicksilver looks better, havent driven one but have driven a 106gti also a good car....supose you need to take ya b**ch (sorry lady) on some test drives.....if it was me Id need a 172 to forgive that ;)

just got her a quote on a clio 16v from


Thats feckin good for a bird, i mean b**ch, sorry lady with her driving recorld!! Got to work on her as she thinks they are un-reliable.

She wants a 172 but since the accident they are way out of reach. She is getting quotes of £3k. So she is spending less on this car and saving for the 172!
  clio 20v

id get the zetec-s there good cars i looked at one before i bought the valver, not that slow but it didnt have enough poke for me i wanted summat to keep up wiv me mates 205gti

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The problem with Zetec-s fiestas is that you cant pick one up for less than 6k so its out of the price range to start with. Although if shes got a track record of crashing, maybe shell appreciate the handling ability of the fiesta!;)

Only problem is its a bit down on power, but then thats reflected in the insurance group I spose.

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

haha, youve started something now Paddy!! Having said that, its a bloody good choice!

have to second paddy, my little bro has one and although the interior rattles a bit and its not brutally quick its pretty nippy and a laugh to chuck at bends, fun on a budget :D

my bro was never into cars before he bought his and its turned him into a bit of a boyracer so cant be all bad, he now has more interest in cars and how they work where as bofore he couldnt give a toss
  Toureg vW Transporte

ah corsa gsi i think, my girlfriend boought a grey m plate, i like it a lot, nice to drive, very reliable, cheap to run and quicker than my mates saxo vtr
  CTR EK9 turbo

Civic Vti or esi would be nice actually - VTEC 1.6 with a nice portion of 158 bhp id have thought. Stuff an induction kit on it and it sounds like heaven on earth.... "rrrraaaaaahhhRRRRAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!"

Zetec is out the question as it cost to much. I think her favourate is the Pug 306 xsi, but to me these despiratly need lowering and wheels else they look like any other 306!!

The corsa GSI is my favourate. I dont like corsas very much but i do respect the GSI! I nearly brought 1 a few yrs back and it was loverly. Quite nippy as well as it is 0-60 in 8.7s. Haddling is w**k though!

The next favourat of mine is the 106 Quicksilver. These are a little higher in price though but still fall into her price range.
  Toureg vW Transporte

yeah but,we got hers lowered and some 17s on it,magnex and k &n and it seems q gud. id buy another definately
  Lionel Richie

Ive got a good one for you kev, VW Polo 1.4 16V (100bhp) My mum has one on an R plate, they are surprisingly quick (same performance as a zetec S)

You can get them for about £4000

(Also i know someone selling a T-reg 1.6 clio if anyone is interested???)

I dont think she will go for a polo. She looks at cars by there name like, she will never by a fiesta Zetec s as its a "fiesta", Stupid i know but its womons logic.

Also she wont by a red car no matter what. Even if there is a car with full service and low millage but is red then she would prefer to buy a blue with no history and high millage!! Stupid hey!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Mate get her to get eh Corsa. My missus has Sport 1.4 16V. That isnt bad and they are the same. Is relaible cheap to run, looks OK. Fairly cheap to insure as well.

£2600 for a N PLate with 50K on!!

Pushing her towards a 106 GTi and she is breaking hehehe NICE!