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Willy 2 vs Lotus Elise

Well, those who know me know I never bullsh*t or fabricate stories, but I couldnt believe what that new chip has done to my Williams 2:

As I hadnt really had a chance because of the weather, to test my new chip, I was on a trip back from Chelmsford, following a chimp who was driving like a nutter in a 30mph zone, in his fiesta. I was hoping to get him on the regiment way then as we started to catch him because of the traffic in front of him, not because of me speeding in a 30, the git turned off at the roundabout leading onto regiment way. I was gutted as I really wanted to embarress him.

While on the roundabout, I had a Y reg lotus elise pull out right in front of an elise is a car I always dreamt of owning, I LOVED them. I aksed for my wifes permission before catching the elise at 70ish. We get to the first roundabout and I just knew he was gonna take the bait, after all who am I in a hatchback to attempt to keep up with his sports car.

He floored it so did I. What I couldnt believe was the fact that at 80 ish I had to brake or I would have hit his rear end. I kid you not, I kept with him in evry percentage of mph. We are overtaking other cars at this point so I knew he was gunning it. We hit and exit the next roundabout at an estimated 60mph and he continues to try to shake....again I am gobsmacked when I am power off n on through fear of hitting him up the khyber while overtaking other cars, if this was a 2laner I would and could have overtaken. We hit the next wife then brings me back to earth with her words of wisdom, you proved ya point.

As I said...I have always wanted one of them there Elises, Now I want nothing but my willy2.


thats cause there only 1.8s and only get to bout 125. theyre quick off the mark but up the speeds they aint that good
  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive raced two elisii. One on the A3 and he was GOING for it big style, i got past him at around 13*mph - waved and he waved back. HAHA. Hed destroy me probably on the twists id have thought.

Raced another off the lights in guild near the spectrum towards the roundabout. He got a better start (mid engine) and then as soon as my rev picked up - past i go with my passenger waving nicely to him. I could see him raged with anger, he didnt even look over and had his hand/arm in the "locked elbow 12-oclock steering wheel" position. TOASTED.

LOL Simon...elisii << the plural ?. ;)

I must add that my williams worked hard at was not a walk in the park...and accelration was from abot 10mph as we exited the first roundabout. Still kept with it all the way she did.


Just a piper-x Airfilter element, getting my decat done this week....maybe I was lucky enough to get one of the faster Wills ?. I will have to see at our RR day on 9th Feb :). Couldnt believe whn I checked the 0-60 on an elise and it turns out at reality I should NOT have kept with him...he shouldve smoked me. Maybe he had just bought it, maybe he is gonna be taking it back today or trading it in on a Willy ?..muahahahah.


Id try and get hold of an old Autocar in-depth test - the ones where they do rolling starts and so on. I doubt that say a 20-50 test would be as impressive as its 0-60 times.

And the F7R/P engines do vary a lot - Ive seen a Meganes 2.0 F7R make 110bhp at the wheels and a 19 16vs F7P make 130bhp at the wheels - both standard! (For the benefit of the unknowing, the F7R is the 16v 1.8 and the F7P is the Williams/early Megane 2.0).

Elises come in various flavours. Most Elises on the road Ive seen are the standard Elise which has a 1.8 118bhp engine giving it a 164bhp/ton, which makes it comparible with Williams/172s although the Clios will be better higher up the rev range due to better power/torque. However, if you come across any 111s or sport160 or sport190s I would think twice before dicing with these. 111s and sport160s have 158bhp and sport190 have 190bhp giving them 197bhp/ton and 272bhp/ton.

I too have raced an Elise on the A303, both of us exiting a round about and booting it. I was in second and he was most likely in third as I left the Elise for dead. I agree it would be a different story on a twistier bit of road though. We both gunned way above licence loosing speed and pulled away due to the 172s higher topspeed. I slowed down to let him over take and played the overtaking game all the way on the A303 till we reached the M3 motorway.

I enjoy driving along the a303 as some one along the way is always up for a race which makes journeys down to the west country alot more enjoyable and I think the other driver appriciates this as I often get flashes of appriciation

One of the best races ive had was an elise.

1st and 2nd he was infront but 3rd gear i passed him. He got out at the tyraffic lights to ask whether it was a willy, "No its a 16v!"

we raced for around 20 miles on dual carrageway after 60mph i pulled past and all the way to 130, wasnt a walk in the park but i was ahead of him.
  320d M Sport

im not surpised u won mate. I toasted the same Elise twic near me, both times from 30/40 mph to 110.

My brother has an Elise and I often tell him that a 172/Williams would caine it after 60 mph but he wont have it !

Videos next time lads ! Ha ha - cant wait to tell him:D


Stubod - Ive got videos of me keeping up with, then passing an S1 Elise at Donnington - Ill see if I can digitise them if he doesnt believe you!!!

Jonathan - Yeah, the 111s is noticeably more rapid than the normal Elise - I saw one going round Elvington airfield and it was (a lot) faster than a 106GTi that was on track at the same time (on straights and twisties) it just ate up the track like nothing else! I dont know if that 111s was standard or not though...

"Yeah, the 111s is noticeably more rapid than the normal Elise"

Sorry - this is not true. My mate has a 111s - its was a little quicker than my std - but not a great deal. when he got a manifold, itg and trophy 160tb it was a lot quicker. thought the difference on the twisies is not a great deal. straight line is more noticeable now - but i have better breaks soi make up on that

111S are pretty std - there is not a lot u can do to them ... Apart from a supercharger :)

A lot however is down to driver - so saying you kicked butt of someone driving say a std Elise is all down to driver. For example I managed to pass a race preps exige, a 230bhp elise s2 and other 160s in my std Elise. Im not a great driver but it just shows what the differences are.

All in all - the Elise isnt built for the straights, the bends are where the fun is at !


Totally agree that a lot of the perceived speed of a vehicle is down to the drivers skills. Therefore, I might have just thought that the 111s I saw was a lot faster than a standard Elise because the driver was pretty awesome (he was certainly trying hard - he spun spectacularly later in the session!) Having said that, I thought that the 111s was (as Jonathan said) timed 0-100 in mid 14s and the standard Elise should do it in mid 17s - that should certainly be noticeable shouldnt it?

As I said, I dont know if that particular car was modded or not, but I know what I saw - that car was monstrously quick down the straights!



it depends - take for example brands hatch - the straight there is long enough to reach 110 in my std Elise - you can get a bit quicker if you have a quicker car - however, the speed depends upon the exit speed - if you power coming out of the bend - you can get more speed - stick to the right by the pit wall and the dip gives you a bit more speed - but then when you get to the end, its who will break first into paddock. But again - we are down to driver and ability.

Mystd Elise has 130bhp - the k series varies hugely. The 111S has a close ratio box which does help on track though but the difference in performance between the models is not really noticeable. A 111S is supposed to be 143bhp - but with few simply tweeks can get 165-170bhp.

Note - having said all the above - i am not happy with the power of mine - am increasing it the about 200bhp but dont really think it will make that much difference on the road! I must just be mad :)


  320d M Sport

Jonathon- I raced it from 30mph upwards, then 40mph upwards, theres no way id keep up 0-60 or 0-100.... he was gutted to be toasted tho!

Simon - you must either be a very good driver or the exige driver wasnt trying, theyre breathtakingly quick on track (though im sure would struggle on your average b road) and if only they made financial sense id have one in a second!

Also simon the 190 of the new elise is out, might as well get that??

By what ive read so far im not sure how important driver skill would be racing along an A road. Standard elises are pathetically slow, and the engine noise is a bore but there arent many road cars which could keep up on a B road. The faster elises wouldnt offer much more real world pace as the harder set up is pretty uncomprimising for our roads id expect a 111s or modded standard one would be the best.
  Clio 197

On the ring I have seen literally hundreds of Elises and a few Exiges. I havent a clue as to how the Willy would stack up to them as they have either flown by me or vice versa. I havent had a full lap with one either on my tail or in my gunsights. It is impossible to know what state of tune they were in and Im not up on the various permutations but the fast ones were very fast indeed.

Its a trend for people who own modified elises tend to be at the higher spectrum of driver skill. The main elises are as follows.

Series one -118bhp

Sport 135 - 135bhp (with improved box and brakes)

Sport 160 - 160bhp version of above

111s- 143bhp ( normal block with VVC head)

Exige - 170bhpish most upped to 190bhp

Series two - 120bhp

Im not too sure on all the newer ones but i think theres a 111s (156bhp) out and also now the 190bhp sport.

"simon the 190 of the new elise is out, might as well get that??"

I dont like the shape of the S2 - i prefer my S1. Also, the prices have crashed so mine is prob worth £15k .. if im lucky - new 190 (if it has 190bhp) would be £30k plus - not worth the extra IMO. £5k will make mine much quicker and then ill have my perfect car.

The Exige was on A038s and it was damp :) but you have to make the most of it !

Rob, the Sport 135 had 145bhp - they had to call it a 135 so it didnt interfer with sales of the 111S (which also has a CR box).

Mine does the 1/4 mile in 15.4 (ish) so not that slow really - what is the book on the 172 ? Not sure