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willy box in valver

Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 15 December 2002

y?? isn the valver box geared differently so ud lose ya power if u did??

I might have to put up with it cos I need a box for the 16v and I cant locate one anywhere... I have already replaced the engine so Im running out of dosh fast... I put a renault 19 16V in .. dunno what the implications are gearbox wise .. any one got any ideas?
  BMW 320d Sport

I run a Williams box in my valver. Ever since I knackered my 16v gearbox when the driveshaft shed its bearings. Its a straight fit though, no problems fitting the Williams box to the 16v lump.

Anyway, the Williams is *definitely* a longer final drive. 1st, 2nd and 3rd seem to be closer and shorter, 4th the same as on the 16v, and 5th is longer. Thats what it feels like anyway, I may be wrong. AFAIK the 19 box is also longer final drive than the 16v but the spacing of the ratios is more similar to the Clio 16v cogs?