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would my valver beat a...........

cavalier 2.0l 16v?

my mates just brought 1 of these and reckons he can beat my valver my 16v has been rr at 140bhp @ flywheel

has anyone raced 1


no probs at all. You should leave him standing. 140bhp in a car like that is not fast

Good luck and tell us what happens......

Without dobt a valver would beet a 2l cav.

I used to have the SR1300 which was a 1.8 lump and that wasnt bad but nothing compaired to the valver. My girlfriends brother also had a SRI 2l and that was nothing. Bout 0-60 in 9s!!

My mate had a 2.0 16v SRi Cavalier (N reg) and when we went out for a blast in mine, he got out the car sweaty, giggling and giddy - he couldnt believe how fast it was - if a valver is honestly a similar performance to a 172 (which it supposedly is :confused: ) then it shouldnt have a problem mate... Only one way to find out though...

used to have a gsi 2000. not as quick as a valver at all. but a nice drive. it was bout 160 bhp too, but the cars too heavy


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Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 24 March 2003

sri/ gsi??

either way. yes ud beat it unless its a 4x4 turbo or 2.5 V6
why not the V6? I kept up ok, level till 110 when my car was fairly standard, got a crap start too.